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No, I’m not talking about a ball field in a cornfield (unless that’s your dream). I’m referring to a patient attraction system that works constantly to help you get more and better patients into your practice.

I sometimes wonder why more dentists don’t choose an attraction system over hit or miss advertising. I’ve come to a few realizations about that.

  1. They don’t know any better. That may be because “advertising” is all they’ve been exposed to, either by a marketing company, a colleague, or even a relative. They’ve heard that they have to advertise to attract patients, so they do. Some dentists (not many, in my experience) are savvy enough to come up with a campaign of sorts with release dates. But this type of dental practice marketing tends to be intermittent, hit or miss, and produces hit or miss results – some months are great, others aren’t.
  2. They’re unwilling to commit to a systematic, long-term effort to attract more patients. Being the son of a dentist, I know the stress that goes with a decreasing patient load. But knee-jerk, “Let’s advertise” reactions don’t get to the root cause of bad months. Consistently attracting more and better patients requires a constant process to keep your practice in front of the pool of potential patients, to convince them that you’re the right dentist, and to get them to pick up the phone.
  3. They’re treading water. All too many dentists are working as hard as they can and realizing less income due to declining reimbursement rates, price-shopping patients, and competition from corporate dentistry. There’s an old saying: “When you’re up to your tuchis in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.” And when you’re pedaling as hard as you can to keep the doors open, it can be really tough to think about taking a risk by doing something else. Of course, NOT doing something else just keeps you pedaling.
  4. They have a very narrow idea of success. Now, I’m the first to admit that the definition of success is different for everyone. For some dentists, it’s dollar signs and/or expansion. For others, it’s the time and freedom to handle the interesting cases that they love to do. And still others find success with a balance between the two. But if your idea of success ONLY runs to keeping the doors open and your staff paid, that’s all you’ll ever get.

If you want to stop pedaling (or get out of the swamp) with your practice, here’s a way to learn how.

That will schedule a time to talk to me for a phone call that can change the future of your dental practice.

This is what I call a Patient Attraction System Blueprint™ Session. I offer this opportunity only to serious dentists who would like to see what an online patient attraction system that can generate “double your practice” kind of growth actually looks like.

This session doesn’t cost money, but it definitely isn’t “free.” You pay in the form of preparation. Once your session is scheduled and confirmed, you’ll be notified about what information to prepare before we speak. That’s information I need to know about your practice and where you’d like to take it in the next several years.

Your “Field of Dreams” isn’t a ball field, but the principle still applies: If you build it – a patient attraction system –  they will come.


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