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“Drip marketing” has been around for a very long time. At one time, it was a new thing that got a lot of people excited.

If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s extremely straightforward. The “drip” is what your marketing does as it enters the world of your prospect. You don’t have to be pushy when you use drip marketing. You don’t even have to have particularly good marketing. Because the very fact of your ability to keep “dripping” without stopping will set you apart from just about every other dentist out there.

Drip marketing is pretty exciting. And it should get you excited, because over the years, it’s proven to be about the ONLY thing that works, without fail, no matter which way the wind is blowing.

The concept is so simple. In fact, it’s too simple to sound like it would work. But it does work. I know. I see it working every day in dental practices across the country.

The problem is that it takes discipline. You actually have to send out the “drips” if you want to make an impact. And the truth is, you’re going to have to send more drips than you probably think, over a longer period of time than you “want.” And that’s why so many dentists discount this approach as too hard and slow. That’s a dangerous thought to have. Because once you buy into an idea like that, your brain puts a to-do on your list to go out and find something that will deliver patients faster. And that’s when the wild goose chases for the patient attraction silver bullets begin.

If you’ve never been on one of those, count yourself lucky. I see them pretty often. I speak with prospective clients all over the country about it. They all have practices that are doing well, but not as well as they’d like.They know there’s got to be a way to make their patient attraction more productive, more profitable with greater ease and certainty. But they just don’t know where to find it.

And so they look. And that looking can get extremely expensive. But I’m not talking about money. You can make money. You’re in a perfect position to do that. What you can’t make is time. Once you waste it, it’s gone forever.

So an entire year on one of these internet gizmo wild goose chases looking for the perfect patient attraction silver bullet is a whole year you can’t get back. But it’s even worse than that. Not only have you wasted a year of your life, but you’ve also wasted a year that you could have been attracting a steady stream of the patients you want. Just think about what that could do to your collections each month if you finally had a system that actually worked to bring in the patients?

Drip marketing ain’t glamorous, but it is effective. And just like dripping water will eventually wear away rock, drip marketing will, over time, erode the resistance of your prospective dental patients.


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