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If you’re one of my clients, you have heard this before: Just having a static website isn’t going to cut it anymore if you want to attract new patients.

Once upon a time, dental practices and other businesses could create a website and search engines would send patients to them. Then the search engines got a little more sophisticated and dentists had to stuff their pages with keywords to draw attention.

Now, search engines are smart enough to see right through that, too. Google, the fire-breathing dragon of search engines with 70+ percent of the world market share, has a new update that looks for searches in context, not just by keywords.

Content, Content, Content!

If all you want to do is post a website and leave it untouched for years, you will lose relevancy.

So what do you do?

Update your pages with testimonials, photos, videos, blogs, reports and books to continue to get noticed and ranked by search-engine algorithms. It’s so important in dental marketing that I wrote a book about it.

But the key is to write about what potential patients care about: themselves and their problems. While potential patients may care about your expertise, they only care about it in relation to how you can use it to help them.

Potential patient do not care about what techniques you use... they do not care how new your equipment is... they do not care about your education – except for how it affects them!

So your website allows you to answer how you are their shining knight, riding in to save them from their dental pain, embarrassment over missing teeth and suffering from not being able to eat the foods they want. And you do this by always answering one question for the patient: why should they care?

The right content allows you to answer why people should take time out of their busy schedule to read about you as their dentist. The right content shows you as the expert in the field. The right content shows you as the ONLY choice to solve their dental problems. The right content gets you noticed online by the people who need you and who you want to attract.

That’s why content is king.

Long Live the King

On another note…
I am a Google Chrome user. Nothing wrong with other browsers, I just like Chrome. Earlier this year, Chrome made a change that is driving me crazy: It removed the arrows at the top and side of the vertical and horizontal sliders, respectively.

Now, this may seem like a minor thing, and in the grand scheme of things, it is. But sometimes companies change things, even minor things, and forget the end customer. This is one of those instances. Fortunately, there is a free Chrome extension called Rescroller. It’s really handy, lets you do all kinds of things to your scroll bars and sliders, and most importantly, lets you restore the arrows. It’s also very easy to install and figure out.

If you install it, leave a comment and let me know what you think about it.


Written by rcarroll