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If you’re a dentist in general practice, cosmetic dentistry can significantly boost your collections.

Each year, Americans spend about  $1.4 billion for tooth whitening products and procedures. Leaving out toothpaste and OTC whiteners, what does that mean for you?

It means a lot of potential revenue, because the average cosmetic dentistry patient will spend some $5000 to $6000 on procedures to improve their smile.

Let’s face it: that’s a LOT of fillings.

And, since you’re typically not dealing with an insurance company, there’s no need to discount your prices.

The people who get cosmetic dentistry obviously have discretionary income or other financial resources. In fact, over half (51%) of patients who seek out cosmetic dental practices fall between ages 41 and 60. These are the people at their peak earning potentials.

So, there’s money in smiles. But it seems like everybody in your area offers some form of cosmetic dentistry. How do you stand out from the crowd and attract these patients? By targeting the most frequent consumers of cosmetic dentistry services: women.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), two-thirds of patients seeking cosmetic dentistry are female. And that makes sense, because it’s well-documented that women place a higher priority on personal appearance than men.

So, you’ve got a defined market segment that promises to be very lucrative. The next question is the best way to market your practice’s services to those potential patients.

According to statista.com, 77 percent of U.S. women who used the Internet also used Facebook in April 2015. The percentage of women Facebook users in your market is likely to be different but still quite high. And when it comes to social media utilization, Facebook is still far ahead of the rest.

I don’t recommend that dentists invest marketing dollars in social media. The ROI is just too hard to determine. But, social media allows you to engage with your followers, direct them to your website, and offer them free digital articles, reports and other items of interest. In return, you collect their email addresses.

Those email addresses, when added to your current patients’ addresses, give you the capability to use a marketing technique that I recommend for all our SmartBox dentists: drip marketing.

According to the National Sales Executive Association (NSEA), a person may have to experience up to 12 contacts before she decides to do business with an individual or group. And research shows that no more than 8 percent of potential buyers are ready to buy at any given time.

Automated drip marketing emails and auto-responders “drips” out contact with prospective and current patients. This keeps the “dialogue” going between your practice and patient prospects without you or your staff having to spend time and effort. Drip marketing keeps you in the forefront of patients’ minds.

When those women reach the decision point to have cosmetic dental work done, yours will be the first practice they think of.

And you’ll be smiling a lot, because your future looks very bright.


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