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Delta Dental is the widely-acknowledged “800-pound gorilla” of the dental insurance market. And as the old joke goes, an 800-pound gorilla sits wherever he wants.

Delta certainly has that kind of arrogance.

The insurance company isn’t exactly known for its warm and fuzzy embrace of dental patients. Or dentists, for that matter. And in its quest for more and more profit, Delta has done some objectionable things and taken serious heat for them.

But Delta’s latest missteps are beyond the pale.

On August 9, ADA President Gary L. Roberts and ADA Executive Director Dr. Kathleen T. O'Loughlin sent a letter to Delta objecting strongly to language included in some plans’ Explanation of Benefits.

The EOBs went to patients who had received services from non-participating dentists. Delta had the audacity to send a list of participating dentists in the patients’ areas who might perform the same procedure at lower cost. And Delta included full contact information for those participating dentists.

Basically, Delta was insinuating that the non-participating dentists might have overcharged for services.

Or as the ADA letter put it, “gouged” the patients.

And since when did insurance companies indulge in promoting certain providers over others?

But that wasn’t all Delta included in EOBs.

Delta based its rejection of payment on the medical opinion of a dentist who had never communicated with the patient, never viewed the X-rays or scans, and never examined the patient.

The ADA stated that this amounted to practicing “dentistry by mail.” And, that the denial based on that anonymous dentist’s medical opinion implies malpractice on the treating dentist’s part.

If that isn’t outrageous, nothing is.

Delta has responded to the ADA’s letter by requesting more information, so it’s possible that these outrageous and unfair practices will stop. But Delta has a long history of shenanigans, and there’s no telling what its next move will be.

Dentists shouldn’t have to compete with the insurance company.

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