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Do you know someone who’s not interested in anything except for their specialty? Or their hobby? Or a political cause?

If so, the odds are that you don’t want to spend a lot of time around them. No matter how interesting a certain subject might be to specialists, it wears thin pretty fast to the rest of us.

That’s why your dental marketing should be about more than dentistry.

You might think that you’d be losing audience by not focusing on what your followers want. The truth is that you’re likely to appeal to a broader audience than you can reach by focusing only on dental problems and solutions. Your dental patients have broader interests than dentistry. So do people who aren’t your followers… yet.

So do you.

Why not give people something else to read about to introduce yourself? Take a break from dentistry about one time out of five, give or take. If you produce a lot of social media content, you’ll probably find it a relief to be working on something that’s fun.

You can and should post these “different” articles on your blog and your social media. If what you write is really entertaining or enlightening, there’s a chance it’ll be widely shared and possibly picked up by very well-known social media outlets.

Travel Stories

Everyone can relate to a tale of woe, tribulation, and triumph. Or leave out the woe and tribulations and tell people about the great time you and your family had at a national park, an amusement park, a historical site, or even that hundred-year-old quirky restaurant you “discovered.”

There’s something about traveling that’s a great equalizer, unless you’re a strictly first-class kind of person. Inform your audience, entertain them, and make yourself even more relatable.  

Family Stories are Always Good

Funny things your kid said or did, the very real struggles of crabgrass, or even what the garbagemen did wrong are the stuff of everyday life. And they’re often funny as well. There’s hardly any better way to make yourself relatable to your audience by presenting your own “Everyman” stories. And if you can find a moment that something you did had comedic overtones, your audience will love it. Just be careful to leave your dignity intact.

The Business of Business

Why shouldn’t you appeal to other businesspeople in your writing? They have teeth, their families have teeth, and their employees have teeth. This is a great way to get a lot of “Me, too” and “Let me tell you what happened to me!” responses.

Be the Relatable Dental Expert

If you’re going to stand out from your competitors, you need to give your patients and prospects reasons to relate you on multiple levels. Remember: in this day and age, dentists are considered to be interchangeable because they’re assumed to be competent. You can wow them with your professional skills once they’re in the chair.

To get more of your prospects to choose you, show them something other than your dental persona.


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