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A dentist’s professional life expectancy is often determined by his or her back and neck. Long hours spent hunched over the chair shortens many a dental career, so it make sense that dentists should get the maximum financial return for each hour in the practice.

And yet, far too many dentists are still working too hard, for too long, for too little.

That might not be you. If your practice is going gangbusters, thank your lucky stars. Or your marketing. The difference between working too hard and too long, versus working a reasonable number of hours for good compensation, comes down to the quality of new patients you attract.

But if you are working too hard, the time to shake things up is now, before your back and/or neck put paid to your career. The old saying, “Work smarter, not harder” definitely applies to dentists.

A Quick Look At The Fundamentals

Dentists who work too hard are usually attracting one-and-done, insurance-driven, and price-shopping patients. That’s generally who those dentists are marketing to, although most of them would deny it. But think about it: what kinds of prospects are most likely to be motivated by advertising that stresses discounts, low price, and insurance acceptance?

It’s likely that almost every dental practice has some of those prospects. The trick is not having so many that your margins are cut to the bone. When that happens, you’re on a never-ending treadmill, cranking out the work for too many hours a week trying to make your income goals.

That’s particularly true if you have corporate dentistry in your market. There are few dentists who can compete successfully against the chains on price. Corporate dental offices have economies of scale that the smaller, independent dental practice can’t hope to match. That doesn’t stop a huge number of dentists from trying, though, which is a real shame. There’s no surer way to keep yourself on that treadmill by trying to play corporate dentistry’s game.

You Need More And Better Patients

Roughly 30 percent of a given market is composed of people who aren’t motivated by discounts or low prices for dental work. Those prospects may use dental insurance, but it’s not a huge factor in their decision about which dentist to choose. And the vast majority wouldn’t be caught dead in a chain dental practice.

Those “better” patients are looking for the dentist – one who they like, relate to, trust, and regard as the dental expert for them. Those are the patients who can make the cash register ring, take the strain off your back and neck, and put the joy back into the practice of dentistry.

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