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Dentists who discount their fees – which is practically all of them – should stop it.

That might sound like a radical statement, given the current climate of advertising low price, specials, and discounts. Dentists typically believe that to attract new patients, they must offer at least competitive prices, if not the lowest price.

In the process, dentists devalue themselves and their profession.

You’re Better Than This

When was the last time you heard of a cardiologist offering a discounted angiogram? Or a surgeon mailing out a coupon for $200 off an appendectomy? Or even a general medical practitioner offering discounted lab testing?

That would be never.

You’re an advanced-degree, licensed professional, just like a cardiologist, a surgeon, or even a psychiatrist.

Yes, you provide routine appointments – dental cleanings and examinations. Is that less important than routine checkups with a physician? And in the case of more involved procedures, you employ highly advanced clinical skills and equipment… just like your counterparts on the other side of the aisle.

You are not less than them. Why are you devaluing your services?

Let’s Fix This Mess

You don’t have to follow the herd when it comes to marketing your services. In fact, that approach is almost guaranteed to keep you working too hard for too long for too little.

There’s an old saying that you get the customers you market for. If you want patients who aren’t looking for the lowest price, but who instead will pay more for the right dentist and the right experience, you’ll need to change your focus.

Look, price-based advertising is easy. You take out an ad, send out a postcard, or slap the offer on your website hoping that prospects will act now, or at least soon. That kind of advertising is a treadmill that keeps you coming up with specials month after month.

Contrast that with a comprehensive, strategic approach to attracting the patients you want. That’s a longer process, because people with the ability and willingness to pay more for dental work can afford to be choosy. They won’t respond to cut-rate offers or specials. Those prospects need to be nurtured by your marketing as they begin to perceive you as more than “just another dentist.”

You’ll need to ensure that all aspects of your marketing – website, social media, emails, videos, and offline marketing – work together to position you as the relatable and trustworthy dental expert. That’s a big lift for a busy dental practice, and frankly quite a few practices don’t have the skills or the bandwidth to make it happen.

There’s A Better Way

SmartBox provides a steady stream of better dental patients to dentists on three continents. Our doctors can focus on actually doing the dentistry without having to worry about their marketing month after month. And, they’re able to work less while earning as much or more.

Stop devaluing yourself and the services you provide. Get started on the road to working less, earning more, and enjoying life again. All it takes is a free, no-obligation 25-minute phone call.

Selling short might work for the stock market, but it’s a lousy idea for success-minded dentists.


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