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Here in the center of the college basketball world, October is a pretty big deal. With Butler University, Indiana University, the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky all starting to practice for the upcoming season, basketball is on everyone’s lips. There are supporters and detractors for each team, and a lot of polite (or heated) disagreements, but for an entire season the local world revolves around basketball.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not as big a basketball fan as some here at SmartBox Web Marketing or maybe some of you. One of our staff members even played college basketball. (Side note – I didn’t. You could say I’m not built for the game.)

But growing up here in Indiana (that famous movie is called “Hoosiers,” after all) is like growing up around dentistry, which I also did: You just can’t help picking up a few things. And as I developed and implemented successful strategies for marketing dental practices, I realized that there was some carryover from my formative years in the basketball world.

So, as odd as it might seem, here are 3 similarities between championship basketball teams and successful dental marketing strategies.

  1. One focal area

Championship basketball teams usually have one dominant trait or focus: pressure defense, post game, motion offense, and so on. Your marketing also must have a focus, and it should be your website. Your website is your 7-footer or your All-American point guard – the key around which everything else revolves. If your focus isn’t up to the task, you won’t win. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Diversity

However, championship basketball teams do more than just one thing well. So while having a focus is good, a great team can’t be one-dimensional. Your marketing can’t be one-dimensional either. While your website is the center of your marketing effort, it cannot be ALL you have. You must get your name out on the web, and there are many ways to do so: social media, drip marketing, online newsletters, and more.

  1. Differentiation

Championship teams are different from other teams. Whether the difference is more experienced, more dominant players or an unusual style that other teams can’t replicate, something sets championship teams apart. Your marketing must differentiate you from every other dentist. That’s both the unique challenge and the unique opportunity of defining yourself in the increasingly crowded online marketplace.

So, what makes you stand out? How will you get your name out there on the Web? What tactics will you use? What is your niche? The key is to find your advantage and emphasize it. That’s how you develop a dental marketing “Strategy of Champions,” and that’s the key to attracting more and better patients. It’s also the key to increasing your practice’s profitability and sustainability, things that are on the minds of almost all dentists these days.

This idea of differentiating yourself from the competition will be the dominant theme for a number of our blog posts, so keep checking back.

And no matter which team you cheer for, I’m rooting for you.


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