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Two well-known marketing experts recently claimed that dentists should build a practice that lets them spend less time with their hands in people’s mouths and more time trying to get in their wallets. Those guys are missing the mark.

If a dentist wants to bring in big money, does he or she have to give up working on patients to focus on marketing?

Think about this for a minute: You’re a dentist, and you want to make more money for your family. Or you want to spend less time in the office without giving up your lifestyle.

Those other guys’ solution? Spend less time focusing on dentistry, your expertise, to focus more time on marketing.

Their rationale? You know more about your business than anyone else, so you are the best one to promote it. You can pay people to do the other things, including the dentistry.

If you are a dentist who is more passionate about marketing your practice than performing dentistry, maybe that is why your business isn’t performing at the level you want. Maybe it would be a good plan to hire associates and then spend your time marketing the practice.

Do some dentists grow their practices so large that they are able to hire associates to perform all the dentistry, and all they do is manage?

Sure. Some people have done exactly that, and more power to them.

But they are the vast and rare exceptions. One of the two experts (whom most of you would know by name) suggested dentists should spend their time doing the activity that is most profitable.

In his mind, that was marketing.

That’s because he looks at dentistry as a commodity that can be sold as if anyone can do it. By that way of thinking, you could market your practice like it doesn’t matter which dentist is doing the procedures. The dentist is just an interchangeable part in the machine.

It doesn’t work that way for most of you. For most of you, YOU PERFORMING DENTISTRY is your moneymaker:

  • You spent years and countless hours and dollars becoming certified to become a great dentist.
  • You have unique skills and abilities that others don’t have.
  • That skill and ability is WHAT is marketable.
  • Working with patients, solving their problems, ending their pain IS what you are passionate about.

What you want to do is divest yourself of the things that interfere with THAT.

Sure you want to make more money on fewer patients. Sure you want to make more per patient so you can work fewer hours. Sure you want to make more for doing less.

Do you really want to give up being a dentist so you can spend your time worrying about email campaigns, SEO, backlinks, air time buys, and video shoots? Probably not.

If your plan is to work hard as a dentist for 10 or 15 years so you can be successful enough to give up dentistry in favor of marketing your practice, then you’ve signed up for the longest, most expensive on-the-job marketing internship ever.

If you’re a fantastic dentist who is passionate about helping people and wants to be well-compensated for his skills and knowledge, then pay someone else to deal with the bookkeeping, office management, and marketing.

This is why we focus on helping you attract the patients YOU want:

  • These are the patients who help you escape relying on insurance companies.
  • These are the patients looking for elective procedures.
  • These are the patients who are going to increase your per-hour revenue.
  • These are the patients who will allow you to make more with the same or fewer appointments.
  • These are the patients who will allow you to work fewer days or sock away more money for retirement.
  • These are the patients who allow you to continue to do the work that you are passionate about.

Don’t aspire to be so successful that you can give up what you love doing. Giving up what you love isn’t my definition of success. Aspire to be so successful that you can continue that success with less effort.


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