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Are you spending thousands on your dental web marketing and have no idea what you're getting for it? Is your "dental marketing guru" sending you reports of "hits and clicks"? Do you know exactly how many patients your dental website found you in 2011?

Dental marketing isn't about "branding" or "impressions" -- it's about putting qualified patients in your chair that accept treatment. "Hits and clicks" on your website and Facebook simply do not do that.

Your dental marketing firm should be showing you, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that your marketing is attracting qualified patients into your practice.

We provide all our dentist clients with our industry leading phone tracking system, Zetetics™. With Zetetics™, we can track not only the phone calls all your marketing generates, but consults scheduled, cases presented, which patients move forward with case acceptance, and real dollars generated into your bank account.

Here's 3 of our top dentist clients and some of their results the last 30 days...

Click to enlarge (65 calls) Click to enlarge (31 calls) Click to enlarge (98 calls)

Albert Einstein once said "insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you're not happy with (or you have no idea what) your dental web marketing is doing for you right now, stop the insanity and call us at 888.741.1413.


Written by rcarroll