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Suppose you are bidding on broad match tooth implant in your Adwords account. What you may not know is Google is selling you traffic from "how long should I want to do an implant after a tooth is extracted" to "how does a tooth implant work?". Your Analytics report is giving you bad information! It will ONLY show you the term you are bidding on, in this case, tooth implant.

Using this process, you can extract the exact phrase your visitor searched for and include it in your Analytics report.


Referencing the video, here is the text for you to copy/paste into your Analytics filters.

Filter 1: Field A -> Extract A: Referral: (?|&)(q|p|query)=([^&]*)
Field B -> Extract B: Campaign Medium: (cpc|ppc)
Output To -> Constructor: Custom Field 1: $A3

Filter 2:Field A -> Extract A: Custom Field 1: (.*)
Field B -> Extract B: Campaign Term: (.*)
Output To -> Constructor: Campaign Term: $B1 ($A1)

Make sure the sequence is correct or it will not work!!

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Written by rcarroll