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In my last post, I talked about why the ROI on social media dental marketing is fuzzy, at best. It’s almost impossible to quantify what your actual return is in exchange for the time and effort of keeping your marketing current.

I’m afraid there’s more bad news about one often-used social media forum: Facebook.

If you haven’t read the report in Time about what Facebook is doing with its Pages platform, you’re going to be shocked.

The article is titled, “The Free-Marketing Gravy Train Is Over on Facebook,” if that tells you anything.

Here’s the heart of the issue:

Facebook has been dropping the reach of its Pages platform. Pages, with a capital P, are what most businesses have as opposed to a timeline, which is what you have as an individual. So your practice probably has a Facebook Page.

You were likely under the assumption that everyone who follows your page sees every notification you put on your page. Here is the most shocking thing I found in the Time article:

Posting on Facebook only reaches 6 percent of people who follow your Facebook page.

That’s of the people who WANT TO FOLLOW YOUR PAGE! Here’s the kicker: THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BAD NEWS.

The bad news is that your posts on Facebook used to reach about 12 percent (still an incredibly low number) of followers. Now it has dropped to 6 percent. It’s going to drop to 1 percent or 2 percent, according to the Time piece.

The article says that Facebook picks 300 posts to place in a user’s News Feed in a day. That’s 300 out of the 1,500 that a typical Facebook user would get if they saw all the posts.

Why would Facebook stop posting FREE feeds from businesses to their followers. So it can CHARGE for paid ads of course! The only people making money on Facebook are Facebook employees.

We’ve been telling our docs for the last 10 years that Facebook is not the way to attract more patients effectively. It’s truer today than ever.

Now, I’m not saying that dental shouldn’t have a presence on social media. The various forums are useful communications channels for your business. But ask yourself this: how much does it cost you to generate one Facebook “Like?” When your Facebook reach drops from six percent to one or two percent, that cost is going to skyrocket.

And of those people who give you a Like, how many become patients or refer new patients?

Without a phone tracking system in place, you simply don’t know. Research has shown that patients are notoriously unreliable about accurately reporting where they saw the practice’s name. So even if your staff try to elicit that information during a new patient phone call, you still can’t be sure what your marketing ROI per channel is.

We offer our clients a highly sophisticated and comprehensive phone tracking system: ZeteticsTM. Not only are patient calls automatically tracked by marketing vehicle, the system also records each call so that you can review your staff’s interactions with prospective and current patients at your leisure.

If you’re tired of using “fuzzy math” to try to calculate your dental practice’s ROI, give us a call or click here to learn more about phone tracking.


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