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Equine Dentist Builds Relationships With Facebook

How do you turn a regional service business into an international destination for industry thought leadership?
At least that’s what worked for Geoff Tucker, an  equine dentist based in Palm City, FL.
In a business driven by relationships, Geoff says that Facebook allows him to build new ones. “People do business with people who they’re friends with. Period,” he says. “And Facebook is a great way to get to know people. It allows people to see that I’m a person.”
As he builds these relationships using social media, Geoff is also expanding his company’s reach. He says it was his  blog blog, his  Twitter feed, and his  Facebook account that helped him win appearances on  Horse Talk Radio and  HorseGirl.tv.
So what’s this done for his business? Geoff says that over the last year, Facebook alone has generated about 100 leads and 10-to-15 customers.

Written by rcarroll

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