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Business is booming. You’re getting new dental patients, and then everything comes to a screeching ... plateau.

There is nothing wrong with consistency, but you have a dental practice to operate. You have employees to think about, as well as your own family. So, what do you do when your patient attraction and profits fall flat?

SmartBox Web Marketing CEO Colin Receveur has a step-by-step plan that can take your dental practice from neutral to high gear. With clients around the world and a unique Patient Attraction System™, SmartBox Web Marketing has helped dentists overcome their plateau and achieve more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

See a glimpse of Receveur’s methods in his latest article for Dentistry Today, a leading dental trade publication.


Colin Receveur

Written by Colin Receveur

“As a dentist, you don’t want marketing or websites or SEO, You want more and better patients in your chair. We know how to dominate your market area to make that happen.”