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Google yesterday released their much anticipated Google +1, which is similar to Facebook's "Like" button.. sort of. Let me explain.

Google +1 is a social activity and sharing feature. Just like you can click on Facebook's Like button and share an article, blog, or website with your Facebook friends, now too you can click +1 and share it through Google.

Google's new +1 Button, which you can add to any page on your website or blog just like a Facebook Like button, gives you the advantage of a few killer features:

  • Geography: you will learn where +1 activity is happening
  • Demographics: Google will share the age/gender of who’s clicking +1 on content
  • Content: +1's will be reported on a URL-by-URL basis
  • Search impact: webmasters will be able to see +1 impressions, clicks and click-thru rates
  • I think it would be ridiculous to think that Google will not begin using these "social analytics" in determining ranking order within the search results. Moreover, with the major internet players building enormous databases of a visitors information, preferences, and habits, you can bank on this data being used to hone and target advertising in the future.

    And when I talk about the future of the internet, I'm talking about in the next weeks and months -- not years and decades.


    Written by rcarroll