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Hopefully your 4th of July was a relaxing time with family and friends. As a group, dentists get far too few days away from their practices, and that’s an unnecessary shame.

It’s unnecessary because there’s no reason for dentists to have to work four, five or even six days a week. There’s no reason why they have to run between operatories trying to keep up with jam-packed schedules.

If that’s become your normal, it’s time to seriously consider a different approach to practicing dentistry. Aside from the stress of working too long and too hard for too little, common sense will tell you that treadmill dentistry isn’t sustainable in the long run. Backs, necks, nerves, and relationships all pay a heavy price for that kind of “success.”

There’s a Better Way – Better Patients

The old saying that a workman is as good as his tools is only half-right. A workman is only as good as his materials. In the case of dentists, your “materials” are the types and quality of new patients you’re getting from your marketing.

Let’s take it as a given that everyone needs and deserves dental care. Not everyone, though, represents the same value to your practice. Price-driven patients, insurance-driven patients, and one-and-dones don’t provide a lot of return for the marketing dollars you invested to get them.

Better patients are a significant segment of almost every market. Better patients have the resources and willingness to pay more for the dentist they choose. In many cases, better patients present with complex dental needs – implants, full-mouth reconstructions, or cosmetic dentistry, for instance.

And better patients tend to remain as patients of the chosen dentist for many years, representing far higher lifetime value to your practice.

With better patients making up a large percentage of your patient base, you need far fewer patients in your chairs to make money. Usually, you’ll make a lot more money than you will off low-value patients and you won’t work nearly as hard.

Time Away Should Be a Right, Not a Reward

If you’re a solo dentist, there are only two ways that you get time away from the practice – close shop, or find someone to cover for you. The first option is a money-loser, pure and simple. The second option – well, when was the last time you managed to find someone outside your practice who was willing to see 18 to 20 of your patients in a day so you could have a day off?

Dentistry is too good a profession to be this bad. Let’s look into changing your practice so you can actually enjoy life again.

SmartBox provides a steady stream of better patients for our dentists. That’s not just hype; it frequently translates into larger cases for our dentists. Dr. Thomas J. Feder of Illinois has this to say about how how our Patient Attraction System® has changed his practice.

“Our average case value has increased,” Dr. Feder says. “People are coming in looking for dentures and implants. The practice is now overwhelming our dental lab.”

Visit www.smartboxdental.com and click on the “Get Started” button. Schedule your free, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™. Following the 25-minute phone call, SmartBox will send you your completely personalized, free, Patient Attraction Roadmap™. It’s yours to use however you wish, whether you decide to partner with SmartBox or not.

Time away from the practice is good, it’s desirable, and it’s necessary if you’re going to have a long and satisfying career in dentistry. Let SmartBox make that happen for you.


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