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Marketing your dental website can be a tricky business. Without writing content that appeals to search engines, how will new patients be able to find you and the services you offer? With content that is too focused on search engines, those patients will surely up and leave when they do find your website! It sounds like a catch-22 situation, but the good news is that it is absolutely possible to create your dental website content that pleases both your visitors and the search engines.

Understanding the Google Panda

I remember the days when it was difficult to find what you wanted on the World Wide Web. Search engines were relatively primitive, and some internet marketers had discovered sneaky and underhand tricks to promote websites all the way to the top of search results, even if they had nothing to do with what you were actually looking for!

Those days are gone. Google today is a completely different animal, using incredibly clever algorithms to work out exactly what your dental website is about, and how relevant it is to those potential patients that may be searching for a dentist in your local area.

The search engine giant even uses figures such as how long a visitor stays on your website, and how long it takes your site to load to work out how much your site should be promoted. The days of creating content filled to the brim (“keyword stuffing”) with dentistry-related keywords are gone. The days of high quality content have arrived!

The Little Secret That Could Revolutionize How You Create Content

Create good content for your visitors, and the search engines will love it too! It's as simple as that! Of course keywords still have a part to play; if you are a dentist specializing in dental implants and fail to mention the word 'implant' anywhere on your site, then don't expect to rank highly in a search engine for that term.

However by considering what a new patient actually wants to read you should never face this. Of course you will mention that you are a dentist specializing in implants; that's what you want your patients to know!

The trick to creating website content that pleases both visitors and search engines comes from understanding your visitors.

  • Your visitors want information. They want to know what services that you can provide. They want to know that you are the expert. They want to know if you can help them to smile again! Make sure your content is packed full of useful information.
  • Your visitors want up-to-date content. There's nothing worse than stumbling on a website with a 'Latest News' section last updated in 2008. Make sure you stay on top of your content, adding new information at every opportunity and keeping what's already there up-to-date.
  • Your visitors need to be persuaded. Why should a new patient come to you instead of another dentist? What unique selling point do you have to offer? When you can master the creation of content that is informative, honest, up-to-date, and persuasive I can guarantee that your website will start to climb through the search engine rankings, and that this, in turn, will generate more phone calls and more new patients walking through your front door.
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    Written by rcarroll