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I’ve been doing a series of blog posts based on a blog post titled “Is Your Ego Hijacking Your Content Marketing Strategy?” by one of the writers at Hubspot.

So far we’ve tackled listening more than you talk; trusting data, not your opinion, on what works; and doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten.

Today we’re going to look at the content in your content marketing. The Hubspot blog talked about writing content that goes beyond the sale to make a difference, and how that can resonate with the reader.

This is why I always talk about quality content. Plenty of websites stuff as many keywords as they can into content that is almost unreadable and undecipherable.

We write content for our clients that answers potential patients’ questions and problems.

You come across as the expert when you have content based on their need for information, not your need for keywords or SEO. That may be website content, newsletters, press releases, emails or posts on your Facebook page.

Provide information that people need, and they will come to you.



Written by rcarroll