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Having a robust economy is a good thing. Having that economy overwhelm dental practices with new patients not a good thing. That’s particularly true when those new patients don’t represent high case value for your practice.

That’s what more and more dentists are telling SmartBox. They don’t need more patients. They’re drowning in patients. Some dentists describe themselves as being on roller skates, sprinting between operatories because their schedules are jammed.

They can’t take any time away from the practice, much as they’d love to. They’re worried about the impact of working too hard for too long for too little on their backs, their necks, their families, and on their lives.

They’re worried about how long they’re going to be able to keep up this pace.

Those dentists bought into the “more is better” myth. More dental patients is an answer to making a good living as a dentist, but it’s not a good answer.

What those dentists need are better dental patients. They need higher-value patients. They need loyal patients who will pay, stay, and refer.

Those dentists want to work less, earn more, and enjoy life again.

So SmartBox has decided to focus on getting those dentists exactly what they want.

Better Patients Can Be Yours

SmartBox’s historical value proposition was that our industry-leading Patient Attraction System® brings dentists more and better patients. With a very strong economy leading to record numbers of dental patients (at least if you ask the dentists), the “more” part of our value proposition will take somewhat of a back seat for now.

We can and will get you the better patients you want. We’ve been doing exactly that for our doctors for quite a few years now, but they were mixed with numbers of patients who didn’t represent high value to the practice. There are no solid figures available, but let’s say that we previously helped our dentists attract 20 percent better patients. With our exclusive focus on better patients, you can expect that percentage to increase dramatically.

And remember, there’s a high likelihood that the better patients you attract will remain with your practice for many years. That’s significant long-term value that you can count on.

Are You Ready for Sustainable and Enjoyable Success?

Forget price-based, coupon-driven, limited-time-special advertising. The better prospects in your market – up to 30 percent of prospects, depending on market demographics – flat don’t care about any of those.

It takes a radically different marketing approach to attract better dental patients. SmartBox pioneered doing exactly that. Our Patient Attraction System® continues to lead the industry in getting dentists the patients they want.

Visit www.smartboxdental.com and click on the “Get Started” button. Schedule your free, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™. Following the 25-minute phone call, SmartBox will send you your completely personalized, free, Patient Attraction Roadmap™. It’s yours to use however you wish, whether you decide to partner with SmartBox or not.

You can keep bailing frantically to hold back the flood of low-value dental patients. Or, you can quit making it “rain” routine cases with SmartBox.


Written by Smartbox

SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

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