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The idea behind all of these blog posts is to help dentists grow their practice. Underlying that idea is this one truth:

Your practice’s success depends on YOU!

That’s right – YOU are the main determinant of the future of your practice. That may not be easy to hear, but I think I owe to you to point it out.

Your practice will succeed or fail because of YOU. We can help it succeed. We can train you and give you information (like what you get out of these posts and our products). We can set up our industry-leading patient attraction system to bring you more and better patients.

But YOU have to manage your practice.

YOU have to spend the money to make the system work.

YOU have to provide the information we need to maximize your reach.

YOU have to attend the continuing ed and get the certifications to do more big case dentistry.

YOU  have to know your market, watch your competitors and see what differentiates you.

YOU have to make smart decisions about who to hire both as consultants, like us, and within your practice.

Hire the right people, and you get the credit for watching the business prosper. Hire the WRONG people, and you’ll want to blame those people for your failure.

But ultimately, YOU were the one who hired them.

In short, YOU are the captain of the ship.  Everyone else around you, no matter how valuable, is just crew.

A captain with a well-trained crew can assign any number of tasks with confidence that they’ll be carried out. Delegating to others, though, is no substitute for actually being the captain, ultimately responsible for everything that happens aboard ship.

And a captain who spends the entire voyage below decks rebuilding a pump is guilty of dereliction of duty, because the captain’s job is to lead. That includes keeping a weather eye out, sensing the currents, monitoring satellite reports, listening to the engines, feeling how the ship handles, and much more.

There’s just no getting around that responsibility; the captain must do what’s required to ensure a successful voyage, and that involves attending to many things, not just one. The welfare of the ship, the crew, the passengers, and the cargo depend on the captain discharging his duties in exemplary fashion.

Captains who don’t assume the responsibilities of command may find themselves without a crew. Or a ship.

You’re already the captain, and it’s up to you to chart the course for your practice and ensure that everything that needs to happen for a successful voyage is carried out.

SmartBox Web Marketing can furnish the most advanced, proven navigation, information and control system in the business and train you in its use. We can serve as trusted members of your crew. But we can’t captain your ship; only you can do that.

If you want to attract more and better patients, grow your practice, have time to do the cases you love, and increase your billings, we stand ready to receive orders. We’re relying on you to do your part as captain.


Written by Smartbox

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