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As Labor Day approaches, let me say that I hope that you and yours have a very enjoyable holiday.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that hard work built this great country. We owe a debt of gratitude to the determined men and women who invested their time and energy in creating businesses that employed others, that delivered the goods and services to improve the standard of living, and that created the foundation for the way of life that we enjoy now.

I know a lot of dentists. I know them as men and women who have decided to take their futures in their own hands. I know that too many of them work much harder than they’d like. And I know that not all of them are making enough money for their efforts.

I won’t run down the list of reasons why that’s true, because there are many. Instead, I’d like to propose a single solution: you don’t succeed when you get more patients. You succeed when you get more and better patients.

Better patients are people who appreciate and will pay for a better patient experience. They’ll pay more for a dentist whose expertise they respect and who they like and trust. They’re better patients because they’re less insurance-driven, less likely to price shop, and more loyal.

About twenty percent of the population, including children, fall into the category of “better patients.” And that’s the “vein” you should be mining with your marketing efforts.

You won’t attract those patients through typical advertising. All of your competitors are advertising, too. You need another way to mine that vein of better patients.

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If you’re going to labor, labor in a rich vein.


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