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You have a patient and prospective patient email list. Great! Now, what will you do with it to actually get more and better patients?

You can’t just assume because someone has agreed to let you email them that they are actually going to read your emails. You are competing with the entire rest of the world for that prospect’s time and attention. And if your emails aren’t attention-grabbing and reader-friendly, they likely won’t be read.

That means that the money and time you’re investing in email marketing is wasted. Your ROI is essentially zero.

So what are you going to do to get noticed?

Here are four tips for making your emails more readable.

  1. Nail the subject line. Studies show that the first two words are the most important in a subject line. Make them strong and catchy. Words like surprising, strange, solutions, tips, effortless, easy, critical and important are definite eye-catchers. If your subject line “grabs,” people will read further. If not, it’s a short trip to the Trash folder.
  2.  Load the top. Put your most important information before the person has to scroll just to make sure they get it in case they leave the page. This is where you should address their pain or problem to hook them into reading more. Plus research shows that 69 percent of people who read at work are doing so through their Outlook Preview Pane; if what they’re seeing in that constricted space doesn’t hook them, they’re gone.. Hit the main and the pain points first.
  3. Write for scanners. Busy people (and there are more of them all the time) scan first to decide whether the rest is worth their time and attention. If their email has a very high “input” rate, each message may get only a few seconds before being discarded. That means you should use sub-headlines, bulleted lists and typographical changes like bold and ALL CAPS to emphasize your key points. Your readers should be able to scan only the highlighted parts and get the message.
  4. Finally, keep your paragraphs short; a “wall of text” is a sure turn-off. Also, remember that not everyone for whom you write has high literacy. Prefer small words to long, and simple phrases to complex ones. Here’s a pro tip: look online for free websites that can tell you the complexity of your writing and try to keep it around the 9th grade reading level.

Follow these four tips for attention-grabbing, attention-holding emails, and your conversions from emails should rise, meaning that you’ll be seeing some definite ROI on your investment.

Of course, in my experience, it’s not always easy for dentists or their staffs to follow these rules consistently. It takes a shift in mindset and learning a different writing style.

While you can certainly implement these tips yourself, some practices will benefit by retaining a dental marketing firm to produce them. After all, you make money by treating patients, and that requires your time and your staff’s. Weigh the costs and benefits of continuing to do you own email marketing and see what will benefit your practice most.


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