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I just got back from an action-packed week in Phoenix, hanging out with the guys at Infusionsoft at their yearly InfusionCon Super Conference. It was pretty incredible. If you've never been before, the best way I can describe it this: Imagine 1000+ marketing genius's packed into a room that are dead set on figuring out how to completely automate their marketing.

Bill Glazer (GKIC, Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle) was one of the keynote speakers. Quick story before I get into the good stuff... Shortly before he took stage, one of the previous speakers remarked that "directmail was a dead advertising medium and he had never made any money with it." Well, if you are a GKIC member, or know anything about Bill Glazer or Dan Kennedy, then you know how HUGE they are into directmail. They have literally made hundreds of millions of dollars with it for them and their clients. So Bill hops on stage and begins to ridicule the poor fellow for not knowing what he was doing with directmail. Of course any advertising not done correctly, will yield garbage for results.

While watching this, I couldn't help but be reminded of the "false prophets" I see blogging about how "SEO is dead" and "Google is making your websites useless." Having been in the web marketing industry for over 10 years, there's always someone from time to time who tries to grab some publicity and make a name for themselves by making insane statements like this. The reality is, we track thousands of phone calls from new patients to doctor's offices every month... calls that are generated by SEO and other online marketing tactics that we utilize. We're able to say this with confidence because we've developed Zetetics™, our phone call tracking system that gives our clients a way to measure their ROI with any advertising they are doing.

Before you make the decision to hire a marketing agency, make sure you do your homework. Find out the principals of the business, and Google their names. Do your diligence, because there's a lot of questionable material that gets published out there in cyberspace. Checkout our free report, "5 Questions You MUST Answer Before Hiring a Marketing Agency." I hope it helps you gain some insight and clarity on the decision you're making, because it is a very important one.


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