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Ashley Best

Senior Practice Consultant

If you’re looking for someone who will tell it like it is, look no further than Ashley.

This Senior Practice Consultant describes herself as “a straight shooter and honest to a fault.”

I’m able to tell the doctors in a very professional manner what they’re doing well,” she says, “but also what they’re not doing so well to bring in the quality and number of new patients they’re aiming for.”

Ashley is a summa cum laude graduate of Western Kentucky University with a degree in broadcast news and a minor in sales. Her extensive study of the psychology behind the decision-making process gives her the skill to help dentists grow their practices, working with them to create sales campaigns that interact with current patients and draw in new patients.

“My responsibilities include analyzing our dentists’ current websites, their online presence, and how they stack up against their competition in order to provide the best recommendation possible on how SWM can bring them more and better patients. I also educate doctors on the importance of marketing and putting as many touch points as possible in front of their potential new patients.”

For Ashley, connection is the thing. “I’m very passionate about relationships,” she says.  Ashley & parents “I go above and beyond to make sure that all of my friends, family, and loved ones feel very important. That same passion crosses over into my job as I try to develop personal relationships with each of the doctors that I work with. I love trying to find something in common with someone I’ve never met. My favorite thing to say is ‘WOW! It’s such a small world!’”

Before joining SmartBox, she was highly successful in advertising and sales. She was the recipient of the “Hot 10” Award from the American Advertising Federation - Louisville, an honor given to young advertising professionals who excel in the marketing and advertising industry. She was also the 2013 President’s Club winner for the Louisville market within her media company.

With SmartBox, Ashley has found a place where she can bring all of her powers to bear. “The culture here is second to none; I love working with people who I also enjoy spending time with outside of the office. I also love the fact that we all have a voice within the company.”

Wedding PicSpeaking of people, she’s extremely family-oriented. “I have a HUGE family that I love spending time with. There’s always at least 15 of us when we get together, including my husband, Mark. We’re all very close and love to laugh and pick on one another. Sometimes they pick on my ‘slight’ addiction to shopping; I had a 196-square-foot custom closet built in my basement to accommodate the obsession. I like to call it my wo(man) cave!”

As you might expect, Ashley tends to be very goal-directed with high energy. “I’m extremely passionate and determined. When I set my mind on something, I go full speedAshley & nephews to get there. I think all of these things shine through on a weekly basis between my jam-packed work schedule and my volunteer schedule after work and on weekends. I sometimes amaze myself that I have time for all of the things that I (somehow) fit into my schedule. I love being busy and giving back to organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana, where I serve as the Vice President of the Big Leadership Team.”

There’s that connection again, and Ashley brings her characteristic forthrightness into play in that context as well. “I’m very easygoing and thoughtful, but I don’t like to sugarcoat things. I think we all need that one friend in life who can tell us how it really is, and I believe I provide that for a lot of people. I get this from my dad; my mom likes to tell us that we’re too blunt at times, but it has gotten me pretty far in life, so I think I’ll keep it up!”



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