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Christina Roth

Digital Content Editor


Christina describes herself as a very goal-directed woman. Some might say driven. Given the tremendous workload she expertly handles for SmartBox, either attribute is a very good thing.

“I like to get things done and mark them off my list,” she says. “I don’t do so well with downtime. I enjoy working hard and feeling accomplished, or helping others feel accomplished. I have checklists everywhere for my goals, whether big or small goals, personal or professional. They’re in my phone, on physical and digital sticky notes, in computer documents, and in my head. Once I’ve set a goal, I won’t stop thinking about how I can accomplish it. That there’s no off switch can be stressful at times, but it keeps me focused. I’m always thinking of how I can improve each step required to reach my goal. That applies to mistakes, too; I try to use those as teaching tools to continue toward my goals or adapt them if needed.”

We can only wonder what lesson Christina took away from nearly being stranded on Britain’s Salisbury Plain.

“I nearly got stuck at Stonehenge overnight during a summer solstice druid festival. My friends and I didn’t realize until we got there that the buses only dropped people off and wouldn’t return until the next day. We had to hike (run, really) to the closest town with a bus station and made it just in time for the last bus of the night.”

In her role as Digital Content Editor, Christina is responsible for the accuracy of the digital content we produce for our dentists and for our own marketing campaigns. “I’m essentially the last eye on a piece of content before the doctor sees it,” she muses. “I edit everything from onsite content to books, PRs, email campaigns, blogs, and more. It’s my job to make sure that everything we hand over is correct in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, usage, and content accuracy. Beyond that, though, I must ensure that our writing represents the doctor’s persona, resonates with readers, and ultimately helps the doctor reach his goals. Getting all these pieces in order helps exemplify SmartBox’s professionalism and competency. That’s always at the forefront of my mind when I work on anything. I’m not working just for myself.”

009285-R1-020However, Christina is anything but all work and no play. “I love spending time with my family. I’m one of five and my husband is one of eight, so family get-togethers and trips are always eventful, to say the least. I also love being outside, whether walking, hiking, or just exploring. I also enjoy cooking and eating new foods, especially when I travel. I’m pretty adventurous, but I couldn’t fully get down the fertilized duck egg some friends cooked for me back in college.”

And then there are unexpected sides to her. “My costume for our Halloween work party was a serial comma killer superhero (‘Don’t be a IMG_1958serial [cereal] killer; save the Oxford comma!’). And just for the record, while I love wearing a leather jacket and biker boots sometimes, I don’t have the slightest interest in motorcycles. Of course, Matt Tungate doesn’t care; when I’m wearing leather, he always asks if I came to work on my bike.”

Christina has clearly found a home at SmartBox Web Marketing. “Accomplishing my dream career so early in life is a result of my goal-directedness. I knew exactly what I had to do to accomplish it, and I worked hard through every step until it happened. Of course I’ve had help along the way, but focusing on my goals is why I have a job I love now. I feel very blessed. Being able to make meaningful contributions and being challenged are essential to me. These wouldn’t be possible, however, without a genuinely caring group of people who have my best interests in mind – personally and professionally.”

Her goal-directedness extends beyond achieving her own aims, though. “I’m passionate about helping people succeed,” she says. “I believe people are endowed with unique gifts and talents for a reason, and so I try to use mine to improve other people’s lives. For work, this applies to our dentists, who have partnered with us specifically to help them succeed. It’s important to keep their expectations in mind when I’m working and really understand that what I do can either hurt or help them. I also want our team to succeed, so I try to communicate effectively and help improve my colleagues’ jobs, whether that’s giving meaningful tips to writers, taking a job off someone’s plate, using my feedback and failures to improve our processes, or making even a small task more efficient for everyone.”

While Christina is clearly detail-oriented and goal-directed, she takes a surprisingly balanced view of life. “My worldview is firmly based on my faith. I’m grateful to know I’m not in control of everything, but I also know that I have personal responsibility for what I do and must consider that my actions have consequences, good or bad. No matter what I’m doing, I try to ask myself, What is the purpose of this? Who am I doing this for? Who will benefit from it? What can I learn from it?”

Ah. We can only assume that applies to checking bus schedules, too.


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