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Cindy Morus

Infusionsoft® Specialist

It seems likely that a moment’s revelation shaped Cindy’s professional path.

“I used to think I wasn’t ‘creative’ because I’m not ‘artistic,’” she says. “Somewhere along the way, I realized that I am creative – about solving problems. I like to take ideas and tools from various places and merge them into a better solution. I’m always looking for ways to automate routine work. That kind of work is easy for computers and machines but draining for people. Automating the routine stuff allows people to be more creative and fulfilled in their work.”

In her role as SmartBox’s Infusionsoft Specialist, Cindy creates and updates the Infusionsoft campaigns our dentists use for prospecting new dental patients. “In addition,” she grins, “SmartBox is also a ‘client’ and I work on special automation projects for us.”

Holding a BA from San Jose State University, Cindy is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant. With more than 30 years’ experience helping hundreds of businesses realize greater revenue, efficiency, and productivity, she describes herself as “passionate about making life easier for people and helping them achieve more. I love to teach people how to do things better, faster, easier.”

When she’s not streamlining processes, Cindy takes a slightly slower approach to life. “I like to play Bunco,” she says, referring to a popular game involving three dice, “and I go wine-tasting. I’m also a member of two ‘foodie’ groups, and I like to try out new recipes with them.”

She has two children; Becky, a wine tasting room manager, will be married in August Cindy at wedding2016. Her son, Toby, has a political bent, having worked on Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign and now as a Community Organizer for a United States Senatorial candidate and three U.S. Representatives in Arizona.

Given her tendency to use her creativity to problem-solve, Cindy is in her element at SmartBox. “I like how creative we are in using Internet marketing and automation to bring new patients to our clients,” she says. And then, perhaps unusual for a relatively young company like SmartBox, she adds, “I also like the depth, experience, and maturity of our management.”

And she would know; Cindy has worked in all facets of marketing and business management over the course of her career.

It’s fair to say that Cindy tends to consider an established way of doing something to be merely another thing to improve, and she brings her own creativity to bear with a “can-do” attitude.

As a final testament to her ability to completely disregard boxes, she cheerfully shares this story. “I had a client who insisted on using their Comcast email address even though they weren’t getting notified when someone submitted a Quote Request from their website. I remembered that I used to use email to text my kids; so, I quickly created an email address to their cell phone and made the form notify that email address. Instant quote request notification!”

Creative, indeed, Cindy.


Written by Smartbox

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