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Deana Coleman

Digital Practice Consultant


If Deana has a watchword, it’s integrity.

Integrity is very important to me,” she states firmly. “I believe it says a lot about a person. It’s important to me to always follow through with any requests or commitments, externally as well as internally. I want my clients to feel they can trust me, that I will do what I say I will do for them, and that I will go the extra mile to ensure I earn their trust and loyalty.  I feel this is a very important attribute to have in order to build relationships with clients and retain their business.”

That attitude, and her many other talents, make her perfect for the role of Digital Practice Consultant at SmartBox.

“I’m often the first person who dentists talk with,” she says. “And I don’t believe in wasting dentists’ time or ours. My job is to build rapport and trust between us, and then to make sure that doctors understand our process and that they’re qualified to be a SmartBox client. What we offer isn’t right for everyone.”

Once everyone’s in agreement, Deana brings her considerable experience in the digital world to bear. “We begin with a Web Evaluation of the dentist’s online presence,” she says. “From there, we can propose a solution that’s tailored for his or her situation and practice goals.”

Prior to joining SmartBox, Deana enjoyed notable success in sales. Most recently, she worked as an account manager and digital media solutions provider with SummitMedia.

SmartBox has proven to be an excellent fit for her. “I enjoy the culture here,” she says. “It makes it easy to get up every day and come to work. I love being able to educate the doctors and try to help them. And it’s great to come into work and feel that you have something to contribute, either for our doctors or our internal family.”

When not educating dentists, Deana spends time at home pursuing a love of Deana and daughter MadisonForensics, of all things. “That’s all I watch on TV… Forensics!” she says with a laugh. “My 17 year-old daughter, Karli, just shakes her head, but Madison, my 13 year-old, goes around the house making sure everything is locked up at night. Particularly if she’s home alone! We’ve  learned some safety tips!”

Deana and daughter KarliBut her interests don’t stop at analyzing crime scenes. “I love to shop. I enjoy fitness and nutrition. I love amusement parks, camping, and music of all kinds – particularly country and Hair Bands music of the 80’s and 90’s. I enjoy the time I get to spend with my girlfriends to cut loose, be silly, and laugh.”

Then she smiles happily and adds, “Oh, and I enjoy trying new things, particularly new foods!”

Hair Bands, eh?

A picture emerges of Deana – warm, but utterly focused and professional at work while willing to wring the most enjoyment out of life wherever she is.

“My approach to life is that it will always have its ups and downs. Life is hard, but it’s Deana Toys for Tots Gala with girlfriendsa lot of joy as well. If I wake up, and have a bad day, or just don’t feel good, I always know it’s temporary. When I go to bed that night tomorrow is a new day, and there is a huge chance I will feel much better, and most always I do. I’ve learned you only have a very few friends, and that’s it’s important to cherish and respect them. When life happens, make a point of letting them know you love them. Let your family know how much you love them.  You can’t please everyone, and you can’t rely on everyone. It’s up to you to make the choice if you are going to be happy, because no one else can make you happy.”


Written by Smartbox

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