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Jason Hahn

Client Success Manager

“Luckily for me,” Jason says, “I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I get a great deal of satisfaction from implementing a plan that generates leads for dentists. I like to think I’m helping people fulfill their dreams and goals. So in the perfect scenario, if I do what I need to do, I’m fulfilled because I have accomplished what I set out to do, which is make it possible for my dentists to accomplish what they set out to do.”

That’s not the only way that Jason is lucky. With a grin, he says, “I always forget my lunch on Mondays and think I blew it, until I realize there is catered lunch, and then I get really happy.” Dropping the grin, he adds, “On a serious note, I’m never afraid to voice my opinion at SmartBox, and that is a prerequisite to a healthy work environment that is shockingly rare to find.”

Jason holds a marketing degree from the University of Louisville. Since 2010, he’s spent his professional career working with digital marketing companies, helping to develop marketing strategies for small businesses and organizations. In his role as Client Success Manager, he acts as the primary liaison between doctors and all of the services that SmartBox offers. He ensures that dentists’ marketing campaigns are performing their best while always looking for ways to improve them, updating projects, and making general changes to their marketing daily.

All of which leads him to wax philosophical at times. “Kordell Stewart was a football player who played quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and punter,” he says. “I like to compare myself to him because I have a very diverse skillset, perhaps even a weird set of skills. My career has led me to sell every individual component of digital marketing, and to sell you have to have a very deep understanding of it. Beyond that I’ve also implemented almost every individual component of digital marketing. I’ve built websites, email machines, online courses, managed Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns, written copy, worked in Photoshop, edited video … So, I have a unique vantage point of understanding what the client wants and needs (from the sales side) but also how to execute the strategies in the most efficient way possible.”

jason and elisaWhen he’s not ramrodding dentists’ success, Jason and his fiancée, Elisa, combine their love of travel and fine dining. The couple will be married in September of 2017 in Grayton Beach, Florida. “It’s a perfect place, just a few miles from Seaside, Florida, where The Truman Show was filmed.”

Until then, Jason will continue to indulge his penchant for “puns and dad jokes,” and his passions for food, travel, and, oh yes, sports.

“I am an avid supporter of the University of Louisville football and basketball teams,” jason squad derbyhe says, “and I believe Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino are saints. I’m also the commissioner of a long-running fantasy football league. The team that scores the most points receives the ‘Kurt Warner Baller of the Year’ trophy. This trophy is a football signed by Kurt Warner, and in addition to his signature he wrote, ‘You’re a Baller!’ It is a prized possession.”

Jason is clearly a person of considerable depth and conviction. “I have a great desire to continue to learn how to improve myself personally, professionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. I am always looking for the ‘hack’ method or the shortcut so that I can maximize my productivity. Years ago I heard a quote that has stuck with me forever: ‘The illiterate of the 2st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.’ I live by the mantra of ‘strong opinions, loosely held,’ meaning that I’m going to move forward with great conviction in everything I do. But, I’m not afraid to say I’m wrong and when I find that out, I’m going to move forward with the same fervor in the other direction.”



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