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Jin Kaps

Digital Content Expert

When you combine unflagging optimism, unbridled energy, unbelievable enthusiasm, and an overwhelmingly helpful attitude, you have Jin.

I like to say ‘yes’ to people,” she says. “If I’m asked to handle something at work, I say yes and I get it done. This applies to my everyday life too; I say ‘yes’ to myself all the time in order to be the best I can be at that moment. I like to think that I’m flexible and up for whatever task I am needed for!”

As a Digital Content Expert for SmartBox, Jin is tasked with creating informative, unique copy for our dentists’ websites and writing engaging blog posts. Her inspiration for her work draws on … interesting sources.

“I love learning new things,” she says. “I love projects! I’m passionate about projects that I can use to better my knowledge or skill about something (gardening) or to boost my creativity (cooking). I also love self-improvement projects (meditation, yoga). I think I bring all of these things to my job at SmartBox. I get to use my onsite writing projects to learn new things, stretch my creativity, and improve my writing. I try to constantly learn how to do things better than I’m doing it now. I think that’s especially important when you do what I do for a living.”

Jin’s work flexibility (no doubt aided by yoga) comes in handy because Jin doesn’t always have control of her work schedule. “Rebekah Carroll, our Content Team Supervisor, pulls me to do special side things or blogs sometimes (as opposed to onsite content, which is the main part of my job), and I love being able to switch and help get things done.”

12771508_10207487891508508_5850106160324515852_oExtraordinary demands require extraordinary measures, it seems. “I also love wearing goofy hats while I work,” Jin says. “I have a collection of hats that have faces on them. A couple of them are monsters with horns. I also have a Pikachu hat! I think my hats help boost my creative juices!”

When not working, Jin focuses on creating a life and home for herself and her boyfriend, Justin. And a few critters. “Justin and I have been together since 2011. We went to high school together, and he was in love with me for two years before I finally went out with him! We’re best friends and we make a great team. We also have three cats, Holly (a 13-year-old female), Patches (a 3-year-old male), and Fitz (a 1-year-old male). They are the only children we ever plan on having!”

886207_10207145872078236_384789684625780169_o (1)This woman who loves projects has her hands full at present. “I’ve been spending a lot of time lately planning my garden. I’m still kind of a rookie, but I love it. Starting plants from seeds, building garden beds, that kind of thing. I’ve also been learning to be a more creative cook. We eat mostly vegan food at home, so I’ve been focusing on trying to learn how to make vegetables more palatable to Justin, who used to be very much a meat-and-potatoes guy.”

When not cooking or gardening, Jin and Justin are, apparently, thinking about food.  Or feeding their friends. “We love watching cooking shows on Netflix (“Chopped,” “Cutthroat Kitchen,” and “Good Eats” are our favorites) and playing board games and card games with our friends. Our latest favorite games are probably Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens. We also like Settlers of Catan!”

Jin blends her attitudes toward life with her work. “I take on challenges thinking, ‘I can tackle that!’ Whether I’m able to or not is one thing, but I always go in with the mindset that I will try! I take the same sort of attitude into my relationships; I try to do my best with what I get from the other person and make the most of it. I work well on my own (I’m an introvert), but I also like feeling I belong to a team. That’s one of the things I love about working with the writing team at SmartBox. There’s a great atmosphere, I have awesome colleagues, and there’s a nice team mentality. This is also how I work with my boyfriend. We handle life as a team and support each other through work, school, etc. I know that isn’t exactly a unique way of dealing with a romantic relationship, but it is really really true for us.”

Given Jin’s incredible energy, we’ve assigned a SmartBox staffer to check the list of upcoming hurricane names … just to be safe.


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