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Kaylee Everly

Video Production Expert

I’m passionate about photography and videography,” Kaylee says. “My life does not feel complete if I’m not holding a camera on a regular basis. It’s become such a core part of who I am. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Given her life pre-SmartBox, that’s easy to understand. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Kaylee took second place in the multimedia division of the prestigious Hearst Journalism Awards Program National Championship. To boot, she won several awards through College Photographer of the Year. The cherry on top was a weeklong internship at the White House, where she shadowed world-renowned photographers.

Kaylee’s globetrotter genes also kicked in while she was in college. “I traveled to India, Kaylee ShamanBrazil, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and E cuador to produce in-depth multimedia stories,” she says. She reports feeding hyenas in Ethiopia, exploring Kyrgyzstan’s underground coal mines, documenting funerals and exhumations in Dominican Republic, and following shamans in the Amazon.

In her role as Video Production Expert for SmartBox, she briefly sums up her duties as “videos shoots and editing videos and photos.” Her experience and attitude, though, make each shoot anything but ordinary.

“I enjoy being able to meet and interact with a wide variety of people all over the country while on video shoots for SmartBox,” Kaylee says. “I have an ability to connect with people and ask the questions that bring out a person’s story. And, I’m a very determined person. Whenever I’m behind the camera, I know what I need and I am determined to get it, whether it be a shoot for SmartBox or back when I was working for newspapers. I never come back empty-handed.”

When she finally emerges from behind a camera or a video editing desk, Kaylee enjoys “yoga, knitting, swing dancing, kayaking, boating, fishing, hanging out in my hammock, and gardening, to name a few things.”

Oh, is that all?

Kaylee planeThen she adds, “I might be the biggest dog lover you’ve ever met. I’m dying to get another dog, but I travel too much for work currently. I wouldn’t be able to take care of one on my own. It absolutely breaks my heart. I would go to the shelter tomorrow if I could.”

Okay, now we’re tired.

Kaylee was asked how she views and approaches life. Knowing what we do of her life pre-SmartBox, the answer should surprise no one.

“I would say I approach the world with an open mind and never pass up opportunities. I am all about adventure and making the best of everything life throws at me.”

Kaylee: Passionate about her craft, determined, adventurous, world-traveler, and dog’s best friend.


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