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Matt Tungate, Director of Production

SmartBox Web Marketing

Steadiness, thy name is Matt Tungate.

My strongest personal attribute,” he says, “is that I have a lot of forethought. I can see potential benefits and problems from choices quickly at the time of the choices. I don’t find myself caught in the law of unintended consequences very often. In a company like ours that is prone to action, I think I offer restraint and prudence in a way that makes us more thoughtful before we make a move.”

Matt’s passion for planning and systems has been and continues to be incredibly valuable to the company and the dentists it serves. One gets the sense, though, that he sometimes has to privately shake his head.

“I am not a very spontaneous person,” he notes, “and I like to stick to routines. In a company of creative thinkers who love sushi and travel, I am a fulfiller who is fine with frozen burritos.”

Despite the gastronomical differences, Matt is a linchpin of the SmartBox family.

“I have a great personal relationship with almost everyone in our company. We are all Facebook friends, know each other’s families, and spend time together outside of work. This gives us a stronger sense of camaraderie and makes us all more willing to go the extra mile to help each other meet and exceed our dentists’ expectations.”

IMG_0743 (1)Which does not mean that the family isn’t above the occasional shenanigan at his expense. “I am a terrible airplane passenger,” he explains, grimacing. “Colin Receveur and Alex Hall, who have become two of my best friends as well as my colleagues, are very experienced flyers who tease me mercilessly about my anxiety over flying. During one particular flight, we hit some turbulence. Alex, who was sitting in the row ahead of me, facetiously turns around and has a look on his face like he is going to panic. Colin, sitting beside me, nearly busts a gut laughing and says, ‘I am not laughing at you being afraid. I am laughing at Alex trying to make you more afraid!’ And yet, I love those guys anyway!”

As Production Director, one of Matt’s main roles is to make sure the company has processes in place to give SmartBox dentists the most effective video and written content possible for attracting more and better patients, and doing so within established deadlines. He’s responsible for establishing and monitoring quality standards and timelines and for creating new processes for making production more effective and efficient.

But he never forgets the human factor in the equation of business. “Another of my essential roles is managing the people side of SmartBox human resources,” he explains. “As the first full-time employee of the company, it is very important to me that we protect our corporate culture and ensure that we only bring in high-flyers with a client-first attitude. Every SmartBox employee is hand-picked for his or her ability and potential to help our clients succeed.”

IMG_0852 (1)Matt is married to a project manager at another fast-growing company in the medical field. The couple has two children: Zoe and Matthew. “I love to coach youth sports: soccer, basketball, baseball, and flag football so far. I love to work with kids to teach them not just the fundamentals of the sport, but lessons that extend into life: teamwork, positive attitude, and doing your best, among others.”

He also describes himself as “an avid University of Kentucky sports fan and less-than-avid guitar player.” Take his word for that latter part.

Matt’s attributes include being detail-oriented and unafraid to put in work. Those qualities serve him well in his ongoing DIY efforts at home. More importantly, they benefit SmartBox’s dentists.

“My ability to plan and execute to the smallest detail is a perfect complement in a company surrounded by so many people with great ideas and ways to help our dentists. It’s my job to see those great ideas put into practice. With such a fast-growing company, there is never enough time to get everything done. So it is not uncommon for me to work well into the night and weekends to make sure that our internal processes are working smoothly.”

Matt’s combination of steadiness, attention to detail, work ethic, and people orientation is a key factor in Smartbox’s phenomenal growth and success. “I love to help people improve. I love to work with our staff so they are constantly striving to bring a higher level of excellence to their jobs. Whether those are people who report to me or my fellow managers, I love to be able to answer questions and research solutions that help people push our mission forward.”



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