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Matt French

Client Success Manager

Some people just make an impression on their co-workers. Matt has certainly achieved that at SmartBox through his professional accomplishments. Of course, his nickname probably helps, too.

“My nickname at SmartBox,” he says with a grin, “is ‘Matty Ice,’ conferred by Mr. T (Matt Tungate) himself. I moved from Atlanta (home of the Falcons) and the nickname just stuck!”

A Client Success Manager for SmartBox, Matt describes his main responsibility as “providing our clients with a digital experience they’re proud of, whether this be via client communication, training, ensuring the elements throughout design and content match both the look and feel of the client’s practice (I learn those from visiting their office), or regular communication and updates. I also work with the marketing team to optimize our marketing efforts to bring them great results.”

Whether at work or in his personal life, Matt is one highly self-motivated individual. “I am always looking to better myself both mentally and physically,” he says. “After putting myself through school in three years while working full-time, I’ve continued to study and learn in hopes of continuing on to an MBA program. I’ve also begun hitting the gym again after a two-year hiatus following a shoulder injury and a second major surgery. I’m a true believer that our energy level throughout the day increases with an increase in physical activity. I’m passionate about bringing out the best version of myself everyday.”

VailTo say that Matt is a high-energy person would be an understatement. “I am a go-getter, and complacency isn’t my thing. Whether it is life, work, friends, or travel, I am always up for the next big thing. I like to be challenged and pushed to bring out the best in myself. While I can’t say that I live life on the edge, because let’s be honest, my wife wouldn’t be excited about me jumping out of a plane, I can say that our life certainly is never boring, and that is just how I like it. Whether it’s finding the next exciting car to drive, motorcycle to ride, or place to travel to, I am always looking forward to what lies ahead.”

Some of that excitement happens at home during basketball and football seasons. “My Seth's Weddingwife and I are also huge sports fans, and yes, I do mean plural. While Mr. T and I share the same love affair for our Kentucky Wildcats, my wife is a born-and-raised Georgia Bulldog, which means football season is her time to yell at the TV, while mine starts when UK hits the hardwood.”

CatsUnder Matt’s strong client success orientation lies a restless spirit. “I am constantly looking to learn something new,” he says, “which means I can’t be content with where I am today, as there is more to learn tomorrow. I can only be as good as my eagerness to learn. One of my strengths is my desire to push the envelope. I live by the ‘go big or go home’ motto. I’ve never been interested in producing anything ‘cookie-cutter.’ Rather, I want something original that can really wow you. I’m always researching new and innovative ideas so I can bring new elements to the table to help both our clients and our team. There is a massive amount of new digital marketing material that is published daily, and the more I can broaden my knowledge, the more I can help our clients.”

In SmartBox, Matt has found the perfect environment to learn and to share his own knowledge. “I enjoy the team atmosphere,” he says. “SmartBox has compiled a group of talented and passionate individuals who all have the same goal: our clients’ success. We work cross-functionally on a daily, if not hourly, basis. I am driven, a problem solver, and a goal-oriented team player. While I may be immersed in my own work and helping my clients, everyone knows that they can come to me with questions and I’ll dive in and help. My work is no more or less important than my teammates, and they know I will always step up whenever they need it.

“When I started with SmartBox, Katie and Stacey had a tendency to ask me every few hours if I needed anything, because I wasn’t asking too many questions. As they came to learn, I try to exhaust all available resources before waving the white flag and asking for help. This enabled me to immerse myself within everything that is SmartBox, and in turn find ways to help others as they come aboard. The goal is to bring success to all of our clients, and to do that, we need to continue working as a team.”

And speaking of a restless spirit: “While our comrade Alex has spent time in every major airport in the country,” Matt observes, “I doubt many people have lived in as many places as I have. I think there should be a medal for how many states our dogs have lived in.”

We’ll get right on that, Matt.


Written by Smartbox

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