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Michael Holland

Digital Content Expert

“My wife tells me that I will have to grow up at some point,” Michael says, “but I have found no evidence that she is telling the truth.”

We think he’s being facetious.

This Digital Content Expert escaped what seemed a certain life as an Ohio farmer IMG_3160after  his wife, Michelle, was promoted at work. The couple relocated to southern Indiana in 2010 with their boys Connor, Nate, Josh, and Dominick.

Michael decided to return to school. After fours years’ immersion at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, Michael emerged in 2015 clutching a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications. He joined SmartBox in February of 2016.

“I am passionate about writing,” he says. “I spent the last 15 years trying to figure out what I liked doing (outside of sports and video games), and found that writing is something I love to do. It’s easy for me to bring that passion to my work, because that is what SmartBox pays me to do. I write all day, every day, and have loved it from day three (days one and two were YouTube videos about SEO, so that wasn’t great).”

We’ve seen the videos; he’s not being facetious.

At present, Michael’s job responsibilities are unique. “I’m the person who crafts the onsite content for SmartBox clients. I take the sitemap that the client develops with their Customer Success Manager, and I write all of their website content based on that document. I rarely use content that may have been included on their previous site, so their new site is a fresh and original representation of their dental practice.”

He feels fortunate that his first job in his chosen career is at SmartBox. “I love working remotely. The freedom it allows to accomplish the other tasks I have is great. With me working on my master’s degree, it really gives me the ability to get everything I need to do finished in a convenient time frame. And, this is the first company that I have worked for that seems to truly value their employees. The management staff seems genuine when they say they want to help you be successful.”

Perhaps Michael can find the answers to some puzzling questions in his master’s program. “I try to see the world as a place that is filled with intelligent people, but have a hard time figuring out why some people think and act the way they do. I am firmly center of the aisle on the issues of our time, and see merits in both the Left and Right points of view. I’m still baffled about why so many pressing issues in our society can’t even be discussed without someone screaming about constitutional rights being trampled, but then I retreat to a Clive Cussler novel and everything seems worlds better.”

Seriously? Well, okay.

IMG_3154When not pursuing much higher education or writing dentists’ websites, Michael opts for less cerebral pursuits. “I love playing video games, PS4 mainly. I am a born and bred Cleveland sports fan, so the recent Cavs championship is still being celebrated in my home. I enjoy poker, but I’m also a terrible liar, so I tend to lose more than I win when I play.”

Hmm. Noted for future reference.

It might be best to think of Michael as a person who rises to the occasion. “I am a very laid-back person who will never be accused of taking themselves too seriously. I don’t get too worked up when I am confronted with a problem, and that leads some to think that I don’t care. The truth is that I know that the problem won’t be solved by how excited I get, but rather by the actions I take. Why waste the energy worrying when I can use that energy to start solving the problem? I also seem to excel when under pressure. I don’t particularly like pressure, but I seem to work most efficiently when there is a large amount of it. This has shown through in almost every paper I had to write for my undergrad and now for my graduate degrees.”

Given his responsibilities at SmartBox, these are excellent qualities to have. Let us know when you decide to “grow up,” Michael.


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