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Rebekah Carroll, Content Team Supervisor

SmartBox Web Marketing

Rebekah is one multifaceted woman.

I make sure that our clients’ writing content projects are done in a timely manner,” she says. “I also take care of our writers’ work loads so that they can put forth their best work every day.”

12027347_955146334031_9190786045926896551_oHolding a master’s degree in Secondary Language Arts Education from Indiana University Southeast, this former language arts teacher for grades 7-9 was raised on a small farm with a big garden, but claims that she can’t keep a plant alive to save her life. “I once grew an amaryllis (I was so proud), and then I broke the stems while taking a plate out of the cabinet!”

Horticultural and motor skills aside, Rebekah is also one focused woman. “I think my organizational skills and attention to detail help me most in my role as supervisor,” she says. “I have to know where all writing projects are at any given time, and that takes a lot of organizing.”

SmartBox is growing very rapidly, which adds to her organizational challenges, but Rebekah is unfazed. “I enjoy the fact that there are always new challenges and new opportunities to find better ways of doing things,” she says.

Failed gardener, former teacher, and now a doula (a pregnancy support advisor and birthing coach) as well as content supervisor for SmartBox, Rebekah approaches everything she does from a single starting point.

“My entire worldview is God first, family second, and everything else after,” she says. “When you live this way, everything is affected. It changes your lens because you see how small everything really is. A problem, an opportunity, a relationship … it can all change in an instant, but the greater plan is constant. I just try to follow my gut and my heart and trust that I am doing my part for that greater plan, whatever that looks like.”

Optimism, strengthened by her faith, may be one of Rebekah’s strongest qualities. “I have seen my hopes and dreams be crushed, yet things work out for the best in the end. The things I thought I wanted, and the things I pursued with everything I had, didn’t work out. Like going to a specific university, having that “dream job,” etc. Each time I thought everything was ruined, I saw that something better was actually happening.”

12029842_955146603491_1305593515135465734_oTwo examples of “something better” are her marriage of nearly nine years to Daniel, and their three extremely energetic young sons: Reese, 5; Flynn, 3; and Jude, nearly 1 year old. We hope that her boys are as fortunate as she was growing up.

“I grew up working on a farm, living in a house with three of my brothers, playing sports, climbing trees, and riding bikes all over creation, yet I have only had one broken bone, and I got it while babysitting two little girls. The youngest tried to teach me to ride a skateboard …”

Rebekah’s commitment to God informs her entire approach to life. “I am passionate about my hope in Jesus and how it trickles into everything else. I’m passionate about my husband and my kids. Every day of work is a reflection of that. I put everything that I have into my job because I have been blessed with great work that challenges me, and I am thankful for that. My husband and I want our kids to see what work ethic looks like, so we try to model it and then ask it of them.”

When not managing SmartBox’s client content, running after her boys, or supporting a woman in labor, Rebekah is something of an Anglophile, a chef, and a craftsperson. She confesses to being “hopelessly addicted” to British shows such as The Great British Baking Show, BBC movies of classic literature, and the Sherlock TV series. Fortunately for her and her husband, they “share a love of goofy 80s movies; I caught his attention for the first time by quoting The Blues Brothers.

8239_975680169061_5061314517908316740_nIn her alleged spare time, she also enjoys going to festivals with her dad … and whittling. “Whittling a chain from a single piece of wood is something my grandfather used to do, and I enjoy it as well.”

A multifaceted woman, indeed.


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