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Robin Hendrich

Client Success Manager

If you look up the word “relentless” in the dictionary, you won’t find Robin’s picture. But you should.

I think people would tell you I’m relentless about completing a job,” she says. “I tend to almost pester people about completing what needs to be done. Sitting idle isn’t a strength of mine.”

This Client Success Manager has experienced digital marketing from both sides of the desk – as a client and as a project manager. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from the University of Louisville and is very well-versed in everything our dentists need to have a vital and productive online presence. And, she keeps a sharp eye out for the unknown.

“I’m careful to communicate and to set expectations with clients and our internal team,” she says. “The fewer unknown factors that happen, the better for both clients and our team.”

And yet, Robin brings a very human touch to the very technical world of online marketing. “I am crazy passionate about serving others and finding ways to make them smile,” she says. “With my clients, I like to ask questions about their family, what’s going on outside of the office and surprise them so they know their SmartBox team cares! If something is going on with a client outside of the practice, it always impacts what they are doing in the practice or what they are talking to me about. Being able to help them worry less and enjoy more freedom makes me smile!”

For someone so, uh, relentless about SmartBox dentists, she nevertheless finds ways to relax outside the job. “Pedicures, farmer’s market, and brunch are my favorite way to spend a Saturday,” she proudly declares.

Which is not the usual Saturday trifecta, but sure, why not?

While Robin and SmartBox are an excellent fit, there is one little thing that makes us worry from time to time. “The culture is great. SWM is grounded about what we do. We know we aren’t curing cancer, but we are helping increase profits for small businesses across the country. And, while I hesitate to admit this, I have a weird obsession with the show “Parks and Recreation” and have typecast the SWM office staff almost entirely in my head.”

We really don’t want to know.

Robin and hubby happyIt’s fair to say that Robin’s life is dedicated to the success of others. “I’m relentless, but I’m also joyful. I can’t sit still; ask my 3rd grade teacher who said, ‘She wouldn’t sit still even if I glued her to her chair!’ My clients appreciate it because they know I won’t let things slip through the cracks, and I’ll keep reminding them of what I need to complete what it is they want. As for joyful, I’ve been given this gift of multitasking, working with others, connecting with others and I love that I have the privilege to do all that. It’s genuinely fun working with others. I get my energy from those around me.”

Robin and her husband of four years, Kevin, are expecting their first child in January. Robin and hubbyAs part of a life led by faith and service to others, the couple leads a small group of other young married couples at their church, and they volunteer with the high school students.

“I seek God first in all things,” she says. “Any time I haven’t, things went awry. There was a time in college that I felt that if I didn’t have a ‘crazy-successful’ career my life would be empty. Now, I’ve found a balance between the challenges and rewards of work and the rest of my life. I think that a lot of the same qualities that make me successful in the work setting contribute to and enhance my relationships with my husband, my family, and my friends.”

Relentless, joyful, and balanced. By Jove, we think she’s got it.



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