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Sam Smock

Digital Marketing Manager

“I love traveling, the outdoors, and adventure and any combination of the three,” Sam says. “The best place for me is around the campfire with my wife, Amy, and the dog – it doesn’t get any better than that.”

When our Digital Marketing Manager isn’t experiencing outdoor adventures, sam amy and doghe’s exploring the depths of digital marketing. “I’m curious and always want to learn new things. The marketing world is constantly changing and evolving. I like to explore possibilities and leave no stone unturned when it comes to embracing new ideas.”

Sam describes his main job responsibilities as “making sure all of the elements of marketing campaigns are properly implemented and performing the best they can; analyzing data and looking for areas of opportunity; finding new and creative ways to maximize the ROI for our dentists; and providing meaningful insights into campaign performance and marketing trends for our dentists.”

sam and amySounds like a walk in the park. Or maybe the wilderness, in which he pursues hiking, biking, running, camping, and snowboarding.

Sam holds a BA degree in communications. Before joining SmartBox, he worked in a number of businesses and markets, including the Louisville Courier Journal as an account executive and digital specialist. “Marketing tends to be very data driven,” he says, “and I think I have skill at bridging the gap between the data-driven analysis and relating it in a way that is easy to understand.”

This adventure-oriented digital wizard is enjoying the challenges at SmartBox. “The people and culture here are what I love. It’s collaborative and empowering, professional yet laid-back, and believe me, you just feel good about being there. I could not ask for a better group of people to work with.”

He pauses and then grins before continuing, “It also doesn’t hurt that we have a kick-butt product that is very fun for a marketing person to be involved with.”

Sam describes himself as passionate about learning. “If I can learn something new every day, it’s a good day. As a marketer, I try my best to bring that approach to everything I do.”

He apparently applies that same passion to cooking, which he enjoys doing for family and friends. “I love learning new recipes and techniques,” he notes. “Chicken wings are one of my specialties.”

Mmm. Wings.

When you look at the big picture, our Digital Marketing Manager is an interesting combination of passion, drive, and a nearly Zen-like calm.

“The thing I strive for the most is to build up the people around me,” he says quietly. “The better we are individually, the better we are as a whole. I try to always keep that in mind. And, I try to keep an open mind and not judge or make too many assumptions, not take things too personally, and always try to do my best. It doesn’t matter the situation, it really applies to everything in life.”

He pauses, and then adds, “If I do those things – and they aren’t always easy to do – everything will shake out all right.”


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