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Stuart Miles

Video Production Expert

Stuart exemplifies the favorite sign-off of SmartBox’s CEO, Colin Receveur: “Keep moving forward.”

“I’m motivated,” Stuart says. “I want to be better than I was yesterday, I want to improve who I am and how well I can do something. I’ve taken the time to learn creative programs so that the work I’m doing will be better than it was the day before. I’ve also started riding a bike, and every day that I ride I want to go farther and faster than the day before. I want to do that in every area of my life.”

This Video Production Expert shoots and edits videos and photos of SmartBox dentists, staff, and patients as well as creates SmartBox marketing videos. “My goal is to benefit our dentist clients by telling life-changing stories that will help attract new dental patients,” Stuart said.

For Stuart, the story’s the thing.

There’s the ring of experience in his voice when he says, Everyone has a story, everyone has changed over time. There’s something that makes them special, something that dictates how and why they live like they do. For me, that is God, and because of that I look at life in a hopeful manner. I enjoy getting to talk to people and hear their stories, their life journey, and I want to tell those stories through visual media.”

Stuart is highly experienced in chronicling people’s life-changing events. As an expert in providing video, audio, editing, photography, and graphics, he’s created testimonial videos that helped raise millions of dollars to build a church.

Stuart earned a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media from Eastern University. He operates his own video FullSizeRender (1) (1)production and photography company. His wife, Lindsay, also works in video production, photography, graphics, and website design. It’s not clear whether their dog, Fig, has any artistic leanings, but time will tell.

When he’s not telling the story, Stuart enjoys working on cars (mostly the ’23 T-bucket he and his father built, which earned an award from the National Street Rod Association) and skeet and trap shooting.

tbucket“I’m passionate about my craft, my art form of storytelling,” he says. “I try every day to better my skills and tell stories in a more passionate, entertaining, and creative way. What I enjoy about working for SmartBox is that we’re always pushing for bigger and better things. That’s what I’m doing in my personal life and in my art, so we’re a great fit.”

Stuart’s passion extends to getting the perfect shot – likely in skeet and trap shooting as well as in videography and photography – to capture the essence of the story in the most compelling way. His own story, it appears, is also a work in progress as his drive to better himself every day pushes him for bigger and better things.

Keep moving forward, Stuart.



Written by Smartbox

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