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Teresa Stephenson

Office Coordinator

“Early on,” Teresa says, “I was given the name Mother Teresa because I’m always bringing in food and candy, cleaning up after meals, and trying to take care of everyone.”

Given her blinding typing speed (well over 100 words per minute), we’re surprised that someone hasn’t tagged her as “Flying Fingers.”

Teresa joined SmartBox in September 2015 and quickly made her presence essential. “I review and tag phone calls for our clients and provide information on how the staff could have converted new dental patient calls to scheduled appointments. I’m also responsible for maintaining and entering all data for the BRCs (business reply cards) that are sent in daily.”

Given the number of dentists that SmartBox works with (over 500 dentists on three continents), Teresa is one busy woman. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem fazed. “I love working with the people here. We work well together and enjoy our time together. It’s like being with my friends for eight hours a day.”

Holding an associate’s degree in accounting from Sullivan University in Louisville, Teresa has worked in all aspects of the medical field with an emphasis on transcription and customer service. To say that she’s efficient would be an understatement; she’s discovered new techniques and strategies to increase the office’s efficiency and works closely with SmartBox senior staff to provide quality support to the production, marketing, sales, and client services teams.

IMG_0254What’s truly amazing is how much she accomplishes in how little time each week. “I’m passionate about my family – my husband, our two daughters, and my grandchildren,” she says. “I recently made the decision to change my work status to part-time so that I can be the caretaker of my two grandchildren (Caroline, age 3, and Oliver, 1 month). There has been no greater joy in my IMG_0026life than the time I’ve been able to spend with them. I feel that it is meant for me to take care of them while their parents work.”

Family has recently become even more important to Teresa. “I thank my God above first and foremost for my time here on earth with my family. After losing my father six months ago, I’ve learned that tomorrow is not guaranteed. We shouldn’t take our time on this earth for granted, and material things are far less important to me now. My new motto is: Don’t spend so much time making a living that you forget to live.”

DA84105D-4534-4FEB-A137-570FF45754D5Part of living for Teresa is expressing her love for animals. “I have three Yorkies at home – Jersie, Marleigh, and Tater. I’d like to build a ‘homeless shelter’ for the furry babies who are separated from their humans and those who have been neglected by their humans. But I guess that’ll wait on the lottery to come through.”

On second thought, forget that whole “Flying Fingers” thing. “Mother Teresa” fits her very well as she’s always focused on taking care of others before herself.

“I always want everyone in every situation to have a good time,” she says. “I’m the person who will always step in to help if it gives someone else a break so that they can enjoy the event. At my daughter’s wedding in September, there was only one bartender and the line for drinks was very long. To keep the guests from waiting and allow them to enjoy themselves, I stepped in and helped the bartender for almost two hours!”



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