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Ty Carter

Client Success Manager

It’s fair to say that Ty’s life is informed by family, faith, determination, and creativity.

A 2007 graduate of Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, he holds a degree in electronic media with an emphasis in multimedia. Just for good measure, he also earned a minor in advertising and public relations. After graduating, he began a career shooting and editing video and then transferred to the field of digital asset management.

As a Client Success Manager for SmartBox, Ty takes a straightforward, but comprehensive, approach to his job. “I listen to our dentists, communicate what they need to our team, and keep projects moving on time. I think it helps that I am digger of information and find pleasure in getting the details.”

He’s also a problem-solver, able to translate others’ needs and concerns into concrete,Ty & Wife workable solutions.

Maybe his commitment to “digging and doing” is a reflection of his general determination. “I resolved to embrace a healthier lifestyle when my wife was pregnant with our first,” he says. “I’ve always set goals for myself. Whether it was saving money for my first car in high school or setting goals to lose over 100 pounds, I see the end goal and bust my tail to achieve that.”

When not digging or helping dentists get more and better patients, Ty is embracing his newfound love of the outdoors. He, his wife Megan, and their girls enjoy walking and hiking.

Ty Cap AmericaTy is also pursuing his love of running. “I’m doing a race every month in 2016,” he says, “and I just completed race #7 recently. I had been nursing an injury and it got me off my training routine, so last month, and this past weekend, were a little tougher than my previous races. The heat was a little much too. I am excited that my family will be with me in the next race in August. We're doing a family walk/run.”

When he’s not outdoors, you can find him at church. “I volunteer in my church by playing drums or running sound in services. I approach life with prayer first and see where God leads and directs,” he says. “I am passionate about my relationship with God and my family. I try to bring an excellence to my job in the same manner I strive to be the best for my family.”

Regarding SmartBox, Ty adds, “I like that not one day is ever the same as the other. I also like the opportunity for my voice to be heard by my colleagues and also management. I was asked whether I have a nickname around here. I don’t, but I tend to say, ‘I’m sorry’ all the time. So, some have started to catch onto that and comment.”

Family, faith, determination, and creativity – not to mention being a superhero to your girls. Doesn’t strike us that you have much to be sorry for, Ty.



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