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Fresh information attracts visitors and search engines. I don’t plan to be more technical than that. Think of it this way: Your business is a package. It consists of products, services, and personal interaction. Online or offline, it is your job to keep it fresh for your patients.

I’m not saying that you should update your website daily. But it is critical to good SEO that you improve it from time to time. Here are some of our tips.

Scheduling your website updates

You have a schedule for everything else, why not one for your website? You don’t need to be a news agency to update your online information. There are always things that you want and need to share with your patients. Here are just some examples:

  • The special work schedule for Easter, Christmas and other holidays? Announce it on your website so that customers can see it when they search for your contact details or your location.


  • You interact daily with your patients. They have certain issues, fears, and questions. You know their list of questions. Post it online with relevant answers and update it as soon as your patients inquire about more info. Using video here to answer their questions is highly recommended.


  • Happy patients, that offer you good reviews? Post them online. You will let other patients know that you are interested in their opinion.


  • Post the general advice you offer to your patients online. They can print the list or share it with their friends. Education is a critical part of your job; Confused patients don't buy.


Don’t forget about your social media accounts. Inform your new customers that you have a Twitter/Facebook account and invite them to follow you. As word of mouth marketing is a classic, online mouth to mouth is as important (and moves MUCH faster) as ever.

Brainstorm for your business

Website updates are not only about text and information. As I said, your business is a package. So, when you feel like the walls in your office need fresh paint you might consider that your website needs a new image.

If you feel comfortable with the agency that first designed your website, and you're happy with the results (new patients) it's brought your practice, you might want to give them a call. They know your style, your goals, and your patients and you will be able to save some time.

Think about what you want and listen to their suggestions. Your website might need a complete makeover or just some small improvements.

Let your patients know that you changed your website. Hear their opinion, maybe their feedback will offer you new ideas.

Adapt your website to your patients' needs

You can easily see if your users browse the website from their laptop or their phone. If you have many visits from mobile browsing you should check that your website is mobile compatible.

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