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In competitive industries, gaining every possible advantage over your competition is important. One key resource you can utilize in order to begin raking for high value terms (especially on the local level), is to invest in domain names based upon your keywords.

For example, if you're a dentist in Austin, Texas, then you may want to buy the domain name AustinDentist.com - in many cases, you'll have to purchase the domain from the existing owner (since most high quality local keywords are registered), but proper implementation on a keyword-rich domain name can pay great dividends over time relative to traditional traffic sources such as pay per click.

To begin your domain search, identify the terms that customers use to connect to your service. Using the example above, the domains AustinWhitening.com, AustinToothRepair.com, etc. can be high value opportunities. In many cases, you can also look at the .net and .org extension alternatives, which may be available at a much lower cost (especially if they are not yet registered.)

In general, you'll want to stick with com, net or org extensions for your keyword domains. Once you come up with a list of possible domains, check if they're open for registration from a leading domain company such as GoDaddy and register the available domains as soon as possible.

Once you've secured keyword-rich domains, you'll want to begin developing them with high quality, original content related to the keyword. Use the domains to generate traffic, leads as well as links to your main business site. A properly structured network of domains can result in great returns over time.


Written by rcarroll

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