- 1 Minute Read -

Do you know when your name or practice are mentioned online? You can with Google alerts. This is a simple process where you get a notice every time a term you have requested shows up on the web.

I strongly recommend you have a Google alert set up for your name. Your name is the strongest brand you have. You should know how patients and potential patients are seeing it when they run a Google search. There are several benefits to this.

Most importantly, you know if inaccurate or misleading information is posted about you. That way you can quickly spring into action and get it corrected.

Secondarily, if you get a positive mention you can capitalize on it by sharing with followers on various social media channels.

Setting up a Google alert is simple:

  • go to Google.com/alerts (or you can search Google alerts in Google)
  • put in your name
  • answer what type of results (I would stick with the default everything)
  • answer how often you want to get it (again, stick with the default, once a day)
  • answer how many (try all results and if there are too many that don’t apply to you, switch to only the best results)
  • give your email address

You can set up as many alerts as you want, so you can set one up for your name and any nicknames, the name of your practice, and any other terms you think could affect your business. You could also be alerted when your competitors are mentioned.

Taking these simple steps could keep your from being blindsided by negative Internet chatter and help you capitalize on positive buzz.



Written by rcarroll