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There are two critical metrics for you to calculate your ROI (return on investment).

  • First, take the dollars you spent on your marketing and divide by the number of leads you got. This is your cost per lead (CPL).
  • Second, take your dollars generated from your marketing, and divide that by your dollars spent on the marketing. This is your ROI Ratio.
    If you're not sure what your ROI is, or you want to hone in on what advertising is really producing for your dental practice, it is critical to track your phone calls.

    If you're still relying on your patients to remember where they saw your ad, you're guaranteed to be wasting marketing money (our phone tracking proves they are terribly unreliable).

    We're running a limited-time 30 day zero-risk offer to try out our phone tracking system, Zetetics™.

    To learn more click here. There is no obligation or contract, which means only positive things for your bottom line.


    Written by rcarroll

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