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Today, many service-related services produce an automated map on Google which shows searchers the closest area providers. In addition to targeting natural search listings and pay per click ads, local maps listings can be an effective source of generating quality leads for your business.

To optimization methods for improving your local maps listing are similar to the factors that determine general search rankings, although there are several elements of your campaign which require unique optimization.

The factors included in your local maps ranking include whether you have claimed your local listing (through the Local Business Center), the number of local reviews for your service as well as the relevance of your service description (and company name) to the search in question. It can be difficult to precisely target exact search queries, although you can improve your chances of ranking well by updating your service listing, adding images and videos as well as encouraging your customers to place reviews through Google Maps, Citysearch and related local sites. Claiming and updating your local listing on these related sites can also help to improve the local relevance of your site.

One on-site aspect that you can update to improve local targeting is by adding your address and local phone number to your contact and About Us pages. Additionally, you can create pages on your site about the specific local offering that can improve the relevance of your site for local search phrases. Investing in local SEO can generate targeted, high quality leads for your small business.


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