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OK, so you’re hitting the ears and eyeballs of potential patients. Now what? Let’s talk about how to draw patients with a magnet, and it has nothing to do with how much metal they have in their teeth!

You want to capture leads. This is where you use your lead magnets. At SmartBox, we talk about these as dental advertising lures.

What can you give someone to entice them to give your their name, email address and other information? You may remember that a previous post talked about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence, and this fits in with his principle of reciprocity.

So what do you have to give? Your expertise!

We encourage our clients to offer digital reports on dental fear, sedation dentistry, sleep apnea, cosmetic dentistry, implants; whatever they have to offer that a potential patient may be looking for. Some of our doctors offer short books on one or more topics. But there are myriad things you can offer: webinars, seminars, a DVD, an email series, etc.

The whole point of this stage is getting potential patients to raise their hand and say, “I see you! Here is who I am. Now talk to me.”

For very little effort, you can get a lot of information with which you can use our next stage: Nurture prospects.

Use Regular Contact to Nurture New Patients

This is where you say, “Here is what I have to say. Let me tell you about X.” This is where you stay in regular communication until they decide to set up an appointment. We call this drip marketing.

People schedule an appointment based on their comfort level on their own time frame, not yours. So you want to be sure to keep your name in front of them until they are ready to schedule that appointment.

We recommend to our clients that they use a topical email campaign to regularly contact the prospect who signed up for their dental advertising lure.

So your AdWords campaign offering a free report on sleep apnea has netted you more names and email addresses than you could have hoped. What do you do?

You schedule a set of emails about sleep apnea, lasting a few weeks to a few months. If you’re not using automated email marketing, you should stop being a Luddite and start using it.

With quality content in those emails, you should be able to turn that prospect into a paying patient.

More on attracting and converting new patients in the next post.


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