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shutterstock_103838846Right now you are probably enjoying one of your busiest times of the year. But it won’t be long until your practice starts to slow down.

Most dentists find that July, September and December are their slowest months. Your slow months may vary, but how much would it add to your business if you could just make those three months average?

Even the traditionally slow months for your practice can bring in more patients if you understand the opportunities, needs and motivators for your patients to get into the chair during those times.

Here are some suggestions:

Now is a great time to start attracting interest as hard as possible. Send out mailers, buy ads, ramp up your email marketing to existing patients, put reminders on your website, whatever you can do. You want to promote the angle that moms can get their kids dental appointments after school ends. That means no missed classes, no missed assignments.

And don’t forget about urging them to get dental work before family vacations during the summer; that can hit kids, parents, and even singles.

A certain percentage of those kids will need ortho work. So you can get those cases going in July and have them ready to start in September. That’s a double win.

Boosting your advertising in July can bring in kids for work before the beginning of the school year – August or September, depending on your area.

If you don’t do a lot of kids’ dentistry, this is a way to expand your patient base. And if you do a good job and show the kids lots of love, there’s a good chance you will end up with mom and dad as patients too.

As for December, the main angle to push is insurance benefits and FSA money to spend. Try it with a good “use it or lose it” campaign that starts right after Halloween – when Mom’s mind is on how much candy her kids got trick-or-treating.

Just make sure to end it a week or so before Thanksgiving because any money spent after that is going to be wasted.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, that’s a huge travel period, and reminding people to take care of any issues beforehand can bring in at least incidental additional cases. And since that heads into the holiday season, why not push whitening for their best smiles during the holidays?

There are secondary benefits, more long term, to heavily promoting your business just prior to the traditionally slow months. One benefit is that you keep your business in front of prospective patients. By itself, one ad of any kind won’t necessarily drive new patients into the chair, but when coupled with your ongoing marketing, that additional reminder, and the positive impression it brings, can move that process forward.

Every new patient. happy, satisfied patient is an opportunity for yet another new patient referral. Over time, marketing for your slowest months can work to increase your total patient load. And isn’t that the purpose of marketing?


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