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Influencer marketing means using people with well-respected names in your industry to help you establish your brand. This isn’t as overt as getting testimonials or endorsements, though you certainly can. It is simply being “affiliated” with each other. If your fellow influencer endorses you, so much the better, of course.

This affiliation can be done in several ways:

  • You could write a blog on each other’s site.
  • You can share posts from each other on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • You could write ABOUT the other person and publish it on your website or on another third-party site. [Pro Tip: let the other person review and approve what you’ve written before posting.]

So, for instance, we have a great relationship with the guys at Summit Practice Solutions. We write things for them, they write things for us. It’s a method of cross-promotion from two parties who respect the work of the other.

So, how do you identify the influencers in your community?

First, define your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Is it potential patients or other dentists?

If your audience isn’t new patients, then cross-promoting with other nationally known dentists probably won’t do you much good unless you are looking for patients from across the nation.

But you could connect with other dentists in your community. Not competitors, of course. But if you are a general dentist, look for the endodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, etc., who have the largest patient lists and social media following.

This is important because you want the broadest reach possible. Not only does this help you reach more prospects, it also helps your search engine optimization (SEO). And SEO is crucial for placing at the top of the search results page so that new patients can find you.

But an influencer doesn’t have to be a dentist. You could look for other medical professionals. Plastic surgeons, for instance, don’t do teeth, but they are about enhancing personal appearance. There are grounds there for a mutually beneficial relationship.

You could also look for celebrities in your community. They’re celebrities because the people of your community know and respect them. This is particularly useful if they’ve actually used your services, but don’t reject a well-known and admired person for that reason.

Finally, look within your own patient list. You are looking for someone who has an online platform with whom you could exchange information. You’ll need some discussion between you and your patient to define the intent and scope of your cross-promotional efforts.

Once you’ve identified these influencers, what then?

  • Reach out to them.
  • Connect on social media.
  • Offer to contribute content to them first.
  • Introduce yourself over the phone, via email, or in person.
  • Define exactly how you’ll cross-promote each other. Take notes; this is one area where you don’t want misunderstandings.

The ultimate goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship in which you can reach each other’s audience with useful information. The benefit is that your name, your services, and reasons to choose your practice will reach a larger percentage of your local patient population.


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