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I don't usualy post comical things on my blog, I try to keep it informative and helpful, but this is just too funny to pass up.

We've all heard of crazy "workarounds" as they're called - this one takes the cake.

This is a workaround for a data import function into Microsoft Excel. What is Microsoft's grand solution if it locks up while you're attempting this? Wiggle your mouse.

Method 2: Move Your Mouse Pointer

loadTOCNode(3, 'workaround'); If you move your mouse pointer continuously while the data is being returned to Microsoft Excel, the query may not fail. Do not stop moving the mouse until all the data has been returned to Microsoft Excel.

NOTE: Depending on your query, it may take several minutes to return the results of your query to the worksheet.

Read more at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/168702


Written by rcarroll