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Nobody goes into dentistry to fail. Everyone wants to be successful, but one dentist’s success can be another person’s nightmare.

For instance, the new dental graduate who has just opened his or her doors should have an initial success “target” of recruiting enough new patients to make the practice profitable and sustainable. Without enough patients and enough profits, no other measure of success applies.

That may remain the definition of success for many dentists over the years, but for some it’s just not enough. Some dentists won’t be satisfied until they’re operating multiple locations in the same market. Others want to be able to specialize to a greater or lesser extent; for example, a general dentist might decide to emphasize implants as the practice’s major revenue stream.

Still other dentists might be looking at a target date to sell their practices and retire, while others emphasize developing their standing in professional organizations, and/or making contributions to the literature.

And then there are dentists who want the freedom to focus on the cases that they love to do instead of days filled with drill-and-fill cases.

But none of those dental success “targets” will be reached without enough patients and profits.

Success is a Moving Target

You may have recognized yourself among these examples, or your success target may be different. However, if you’ve been in practice for a while, your definition of success has likely changed.

Revenue and profit goals should increase over time. Expansions, whether within a single practice or to multiple locations, are the logical outcome of operating a successful business. And, the very nature of your practice and your professional interests have probably evolved to some extent.

But one thing doesn’t change – if you’re operating your own business, you need enough “customers,” revenues, and profits to sustain and/or grow your business

How’s that going?

If corporate dentistry is in your market, you’re almost certainly being undercut on price, on insurances accepted, and on availability. Even without corporate dentistry’s influence, competition for new patients is hot and getting hotter as more dental schools open and more hungry new dental graduates enter the workforce.

It’s no secret that dentists are constantly being squeezed on insurance reimbursements, so that eats into your revenues and your profits even if you are attracting a good number of new patients.

Whatever your definition of success, as long as you’re operating a business, you’ll need to take steps to increase not only the number, but also the quality of your new dental patients.

More Patients, More Profits, and More Freedom

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